Manicure – 7/27/13


I was a chronic nail biter for as long as I could remember. We’re talking biting all the way until they bled. I tried all those typical things that people did to stop: chili pepper or bitter tasting nail polish, fake nails, etc. I would even bite off acrylic! Then about 5 years ago, I started noticing that J-Pop star, Koda Kumi, always had these crazy fingernails. I really wanted something like that, too. Maybe not quite so long since my job and my hobbies requires me to type a lot.

So I started getting manicures every other week. Because I had to spend anywhere from $10 to $15 extra for the nail art, it was incentive to not bite. I go to a place called Pure Nails and I generally let my nail artist do whatever she feels like at the time. Sometimes I’ll request something for special occasions or something like that. For example, before I went to the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas a couple years ago, I got the Federation insignia painted on my nails with rhinestone accents.

Today my request was “something colorful” because I’m going to an Earth, Wind & Fire concert next weekend. I wanted something funky and groovy. I think she did a great job, as usual. 🙂


Thank you to my son for the photos. 🙂 Not sure what I’m going to do when he flies back to the mainland for college…


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