Of my ten tattoos, this is the only video game tattoo I have. I’ve been looking for the perfect moogle and once I find him, he’ll be my next one. There’s often a lot of hate associated with video game tattoos. I don’t really get that. If you like it and you’re okay with having it on yourself, isn’t that all that matters? But I’ve read numerous comments on video game blogs, telling people that they’re stupid for getting <insert random game thing here> permanently etched on their skin.

I used to pierce ears and paint temporary tattoos on (often drunk) people in Waikiki. I worked in a small room that was part of a REAL tattoo parlor. I saw people put some pretty off the wall stuff on their bodies that had nothing to do with video games. The craziest thing I remember was a guy who had his social security number tattooed in two inch high numbers across his back, along with his own first name on his calf. I may have thought some of them were stupid or whatever, but it wasn’t MY body, so who cares?


Cactuar is one my favorite enemies in the Final Fantasy franchise. He is deceptively cute and he’s deadly if you encounter him alone. His 1000 Needles and 10,000 Needles attacks will obliterate you. However, if you’ve got other people in your party, that damage gets spread out and shared among the whole party. Then with your combined attacks, you can take him out. This tattoo is a reminder to me that facing challenges with others is generally a better idea than trying to handle them on your own. I may be giving Cactuar too much meaning, but that’s okay. He’s fictional, so I don’t think he minds…

Again, thanks to my son for taking the photos. 🙂


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