New Tuxedo Sam Items!

I think I’m about 3/4 of the way finished with Shin Megami Tensei IV on the Nintendo 3DS, so I don’t want to post about it until I’m done. I was trying to figure out what I could post about and I remembered that I just splurged at the Sanrio store…

Tuxedo Sam is my absolute favorite Sanrio character. He was born in 1979 and I’ve probably loved him since about 1980. There was a lot of Tuxedo Sam merchandise during the 80’s, but eventually he faded away into apparent nothingness. I eventually replaced him with Kero Kero Keroppi and Chococat. Then a few years ago, Sanrio stores started carrying Sam stuff again. I made it a mission to collect as much of it as I possibly could. The following photos are what I just picked up over the weekend. I have four copy paper boxes (each box holds 10 reams or 5000 sheets of copy paper) in my closet of Sam stuff that I’ve collected.

Apparently, Sanrio had just received a huge shipment of new Sam stuff, so when I walked into the store, I was thrilled. When I went to pay for all my stuff, I got to talking with the cashier and explained to her that I love all things Sam. She replied with, “Oh! Are you on our call list? We can totally call you whenever we get new Sam stuff in, you know.” Needless to say, I gave them my name and phone number.

One of these days, I want to photograph all of it just so I have a record of what I have and what I don’t. Right now, whenever my husband and I go into a Sanrio store, several minutes are spent just trying to remember, “Did I buy this one yet?”1357_10201695632378633_325953232_n 59506_10201695632298631_1708765584_n 63037_10201695633898671_553744643_n 559998_10201695633538662_449130424_n 944550_10201695634018674_1048794115_n 970019_10201695633218654_2065412709_n 971156_10201695632778643_136754669_n 995446_10201695632458635_390396692_n 998413_10201695632898646_84559043_n 1003480_10201695633018649_65586447_n 1016830_10201695633618664_1066849541_n


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