Looks like nail art is pretty popular. I wasn’t expecting to get so many likes, especially since this is a brand new blog. Thanks! 🙂 That’s a true testament to the power of tags. I’m only planning on posting new manicures from here on out, so I dug up photos from previous ones to share. All of these are my real nails, by the way. No gel or extensions. (I get asked this a LOT.)

61889_1602370505217_2750801_n 74854_1711852762205_3035897_n 170361_1756981210388_1054024_o 176831_1878530449043_233913_o 247774_2058021256201_5835821_n 283808_2272036086438_7330289_n 331112_2856556619086_716728167_o 332960_2328486497663_6834268_o 414242_4409383078777_665054557_o 459649_3820581639109_798980110_o 615059_4775927682163_309009981_o IMG_20121027_171018 IMG_20121118_014010 IMG_20121210_180935 IMG_20130103_093536 IMG_20130322_211024 IMG_20130405_210025 IMG_20130405_210524 IMG_20130531_211522 IMG_20130617_153808


Previous Nail Art Pics

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