PSA – Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Open Beta August 17-19

Looks like I need to make a decision about which character to play

According to a developer interview last night, FFXIV:ARR‘s open beta will be open from August 17th through the 19th. If you participated in Phase 3 beta (I did), you’ll actually get to play from August 16th.

Once that’s over, the servers will be down for a few days and anyone who has a Legacy account or who has preordered, will be able to start playing during Early Access, which begins on August 24th. The game’s official release date is August 27th.

A few other important notes from last night’s interview:

  • Open beta level cap is 20
  • Arcanist class will be available
  • People who played XIV 1.0 will be able to play XIV:ARR for free until September 9th.
  • There are veteran rewards, including non-combat pets and swimsuits.

For the entire interview, translated into English, click here.


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