Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Open Beta Connection Issues


This past weekend was the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn open beta. As I’m typing this, it’s actually still going on, but they’re performing emergency maintenance on all North American and European servers. The picture above is one of the player housing areas in the game. My friends and I were waiting on the rocks to take a picture during the day when they announced that the servers were going down. There were only four of us waiting to take a group photo when there should have been at least seven. However, several people were plagued with a log in error where the log in server basically thought that a player was still logged into the game.

My husband, who I was watching play most of yesterday while I frantically worked to repair my computer, was affected by this error today and was unable to log in at all. A couple of our friends were also hit by this error. Open betas are generally treated as stress tests, so this kind of thing is par for the course, in my opinion. Still, I’m rather disappointed that I was unable to play with my husband and my friends. Once the servers come back up later tonight, there will be time to play for an hour and a half before the open beta ends. I’m kind of wondering why they’re bothering to bring it back up at all. (UPDATE: They ended up extending the beta for an additional six hours.)


So here’s a group photo. I’m the extremely large, tall woman on the right. My son is the cat-boy standing next to me with the spear. The other two are real life friends. We’re all looking forward to the launch of the game next week. Early access begins on August 24th and the game launches on the 27th.


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