Next-Gen Console Release Dates

According to the Sony Gamescom press conference, the PS4 will be releasing in the US on November 15th. Microsoft has not announced an official release date yet, but they DID list the games that were “launch titles.” If you look at the release date for Watch Dogs, which is November 19th, we can guess that the XBox One will be out around there.

I am not a Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo fangirl. When any new console comes out, I buy it. I’ve been doing this consistently since the release of the Playstation 2. So I have day one versions of both consoles on preorder. This means that I’m going to be waving goodbye to about $1000 in the span of a week. Ouch. At least Microsoft is giving me an achievement for that. 😛 (Yes, that’s sarcasm.)


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