Giving Up on Time and Eternity


I think I gave this game a decent chance. I played through Chapter 1, so approximately 25% of the game. (At least according to what I could find on the internet.) But I’m giving up now. If you read my impressions post about this game, I mentioned that I thought that it might get old. It did. The tropes and stereotypes are so awful that I just couldn’t sit through any more of it.

I have a lot of other games to play and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn goes into early access on Saturday. So I’m taking this game off my list and moving on to Tales of Xillia. With the imminent release of FFXIV:ARR, I’m honestly not sure how far I’m going to get into Tales of Xillia, but we’ll see. I have an introductory programming MOOC starting now, too.

One good thing about Time and Eternity. The collector’s edition is nice:


It came with a hardcover art book and CD soundtrack.


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