8/24/13 – Manicure

IMG_20130824_211603Today’s manicure is pretty wild. I’m very lucky to work in an office that lets me have nails like this. I often worry about moving to another state and finding a job because I’d be very sad if I couldn’t have crazy nails at work.



Here’s the left hand. The other thing I worry about is moving to another state and not being able to find a place that does nail art. Nail art is very popular where I live because of its close proximity to Japan. And if you’ve never Googled “Japanese nail art” in Images, I suggest you do so. They do some AMAZING stuff! The last time I visited the mainland, I went to New York City and I saw very few women with nail art. When I asked my sister about it, she said that nail art was restricted to certain ethnic groups and it was definitely NOT widespread like it is in Hawaii. How sad. They’re missing out!



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