New Tuxedo Sam Stuff & The Japan Record Awards

Since logging into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is still an exercise in futility unless it’s after 10:00 PM Hawaii time, I’ve spent this Sunday of Labor Day weekend doing a bunch of other stuff. My husband and I had our usual Sunday sushi lunch at the mall and then did some shopping. We’re taking a vacation around Thanksgiving to Washington State and Minneapolis, so we bought a new suitcase. Our old one was falling apart and there were some pretty great sales this weekend. We also bought some Aloha shirts (pretty much the equivalent of a shirt and tie in Hawaii offices…seriously) and groceries. And of course, no trip to the mall is complete without visiting the Sanrio store to check for any new Tuxedo Sam things. I found a large coffee mug and a plushie of Sam holding an ice cream cone. I also found a panda plushie to send to my son. (Whenever I see cute panda things, I buy them for him because he loves pandas.) Since I spent more than $40, I also got a free eco-bag.

DSC01661 DSC01664 DSC01665

When we got home, I tried logging into FFXIV:ARR again. I really don’t know why I bother. I suppose I’m hoping that maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Nope. So I decided to clean and reorganize stuff. For some strange reason, when I’m pissed off, I like to clean. I needed some kind of entertainment while I did this, so I decided to finally watch the 54th Japan Record Awards. This was aired in Japan on December 30th, 2012. I got a recording of it and had been meaning to watch it, but I just never got around to it. The Japan Record Awards are pretty much the Japan equivalent of the Grammy Awards. It doesn’t have much to do with talent. It’s mostly just a popularity contest. The main difference between the American popularity contest and the Japanese one is that while in America, the people who are honored and given awards exist primarily in the popular music sphere, enka (traditional folk music) performers are just as, and sometimes more, likely to win. I enjoy watching it because I follow Japanese pop music far more than Western music. Plus I like the performances. In this one, the big winner at the end was AKB48. I’m not a fan, but they’re HUGELY popular in Japan. One of the highlights was one of the final performances of Funky Monkey Babys. As of June 2013, they disbanded because one of the members (DJ CHEMICAL) was becoming the main priest at his Buddhist temple.

Funky Monkey Babys

Other random things I did today include watching some lectures for my different classes on coursera, finishing up a program for my Python programming class, and starting Tales of Xillia on the PS3.


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