Today’s Manicure & Diablo III for PS3


I decided to go with something rather feminine and girly today: light pink polish with iridescent holograms and stones. I don’t often go for pink, pretty, and feminine, but I felt like something different today.

After my appointment, we went to Gamestop to put more money down on my next generation systems so that I won’t be shelling out $1000 all at once in November. While we were there, we got talking about Diablo III. I played it on the PC when it came out, but stopped once I got through Act II or so on Inferno. I had read several reviews on the internet that the new console version that was just released was WAY WAY WAY better. The guys at Gamestop agreed, so I caved and bought it. I wasn’t planning on it. After all, I had already spent countless hours on the PC version. But I do love me some hack ‘n’ slash, especially if it’s Diablo.

I also scored the PS3 gamertags of a couple of the guys who work at the store I shop at. So now I’ll have people to play with, too! đŸ™‚


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