Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PC Collector’s Edition



Naturally, the first thing I did was find the game activation code and send it to my son, who has been patiently waiting to play with game with the rest of us. I think he was already asleep by the time I sent it to him, so he acknowledged receipt of it this morning in our Linkshell’s Facebook group. My husband and I both reminded him via text message, e-mail, and Facebook post that he needs to be VERY CAREFUL when applying the code so that it doesn’t create a new account instead of adding it to his existing one. We don’t want him dealing with the same issues my husband did with his account!

Square Enix did indeed send this via parcel post. The origin point was somewhere in Minnesota and it was shipped on August 20th. According to the USPS tracking website, It took 7 days for it to reach California and then it sailed across the ocean, finally arriving in Hawaii on September 9th. So here’s a pro tip for anyone ordering product from Square Enix: If you live in Hawaii, it’s going to take 3 weeks to get your crap because they send it the slowest way possible. Honestly, there is no good reason for this. There are airplanes flying in and out of this state to and from various locations throughout the day. Sending stuff to Hawaii is not some special, magical thing. I can order something from and choose the free shipping option and I’ll STILL get it in less than a week. The USPS has these great flat rate boxes that can be used to send things anywhere in the US, not just the continental US for very reasonable rates. Yet, this problem is still pretty pervasive. There are a myriad of websites that won’t even ship here at all! Of if they do, they only ship via UPS or FedEx. I once wanted to buy a small foam roller to use as a thoracic mobilizer. (The exercise foam rollers that you can buy at Sports Authority or whatever are too big to use in this way.) They cost between $6 and $10. But with the crappy shipping options to Hawaii, depending on where I ordered it from, the shipping ranged from $45 to $185! Granted, this wouldn’t fit into a flat rate box, but really? That’s just ridiculous. I would have been willing to spend up to $20 extra for shipping, but those rates were just not reasonable. I ended up not buying it and making my own out of a pool noodle and some wood dowels from The Home Depot.

But I digress… This post is supposed to be about the Collector’s Edition of the game.


This is the box without the protective sleeve over it. As always, Yoshitaka Amano’s art is beautiful. I can’t get enough of that guy’s stuff. When he came to an anime convention here, I definitely stood in line to get him to sign some of his artwork.


When you open the box, there’s an art book on top of the game and security token.


Below the game case was a CD with a few tracks from the game and a pack of five art cards.


Here are the five cards. I really love the Magitek armor. There are quite a few people running around on that in game. I can’t wait to level up and get one for myself.

There are also a number of in-game bonuses associated with the Collector’s Edition. Since I originally bought the CE of the game in 2010, I was already getting the in-game bonuses. That’s why I gave the game key to my son. He’d get the in-game bonuses and I’d get the physical stuff.


So here I am with my little Baby Behemoth. He’s so cute! 🙂 I love minions, critter pets, whatever you want to call them.


This is me riding my Coeurl (aka “tentacle cat”) mount.


This is the Helm of Light. In the original artwork for Final Fantasy (as in the very first one), the horns are pointing toward the sky. Since then, there have been several iterations of the helmet. This is the XIV:ARR version.

ffxiv_09102013_205304 ffxiv_09102013_205326

And finally, pictures of my chocobo wearing the Behemoth Barding. It’s cosmetic armor for my chocobo. Looks kind of freaky from the front.


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