A Quick Post

I had some dental work done this week that made me feel tired and worn out while my body healed. Add that to my rather busy schedule and I’ve hardly posted anything. I apologize for that. I’ll try to work on stuff this weekend.

I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Diablo III, and I started Tales of Xillia. I’ve also been watching quite a few lectures on coursera for all those MOOC’s I’m taking.

As always, there has been a lot of talk about the representation of women in video games lately. This is an ongoing debate that I’m not going to weigh in on right here right now. I probably will weigh in on it at some point. Maybe the next time something really pisses me off… I did want to mention one thing, though:


Do they not realize that they’re helping to perpetuate the problem and the stereotype? If you look up the word, “girl,” in the dictionary, the first definition is, “a female child.” Children generally require care from parents or other adults. They are not yet capable or expected to be fully capable of making their own decisions and caring for themselves. So if you keep referring to yourself as a girl, it implies that you need someone else to take care of you. Granted, we do not live in a social vacuum and it’s impossible for anyone, male or female, to truly take care of themselves. However, an adult should have an easier time of it than a child.

I am 39 years old, married, have a college student son, and have a steady job. I am a WOMAN, not a girl.

(Note: I am not implying that women have no right to complain about the representation of women in games. They ABSOLUTELY do. But this post isn’t about that.)


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