These Plants Would Probably Kill You If They Were Real

On Saturday, my friends and I went through a dungeon called the Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak in FFXIV:ARR. It’s the 5th dungeon in the series, although if you’re strictly completing story-line quests, it’s actually only the 4th. (Halatali is optional.) It’s tuned for levels 24 to 27. There are lots of poisonous ambulatory mushrooms and carnivorous flowers to kill throughout this damp, dark cave. Near the end of the dungeon, there is this sticky green goo on the ground that slows movement and makes a yucky noise when you walk on it. It was really quite gross. I really liked this dungeon, though. It was pretty fun. Not too easy, not too hard. Just right.

My favorite part, though, was that throughout the first section of the dungeon, there were these beautiful, glowing plants.

ffxiv_09142013_181647 ffxiv_09142013_181924

I’m pretty sure that these plants would be absolutely DEADLY if they were real. Just look at the way the tendrils stick out from those bulbs. They’re definitely full of some kind of noxious substance. But you can’t deny the fact that they’re really pretty. My friends laughed at me for stopping to take photos. But at least I was playing with friends. From what I’ve heard of some of the parties in the Duty Finder, there are quite a few players who are extremely impatient about stopping to smell the roses and enjoying the experience. Of course, in this case, it’s probably safest to admire these “roses” from a distance. 😉


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