Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns Opening

In case you missed it (and I’m really not sure how you could, given that this is on every game site), this is the opening cinematic for FFXII: Lightning Returns, due to release in November in Japan and February in North America. I’ll be honest and say that although I’ve played XIII, I still haven’t played XIII-2. It’s on my backlog list and my goal is to get through it before the release of Lightning Returns.

I played XIII in Japanese since JP and NA games are the same region. I HAVE the NA version, but I chose not to play it because I prefer Japanese voice acting to English voice acting. This is a personal preference. I have both the JP and NA versions of XIII-2, so I was planning on playing that in Japanese, as well. However, for the most part, although I PREFER Japanese, the English voice acting for most Square Enix games is decent and doesn’t make me want to stab myself in the ears with an ice pick.  HOWEVER, I’ve heard the moogle in English and it made me want to throw my controller at the TV.

But that’s only ONE character, who doesn’t seem THAT crucial. I could suffer through that, right? Right? It is that line of thinking that led me to the decision that I didn’t need to buy the JP version of Lightning Returns. Spending $75 instead of $60 plus having to sit with a dictionary next to me at all times seemed excessive when the English version would likely be passable, since all their other games are passable.

Then I watched this trailer on my lunch break at work. Lightning sounds fine. Snow sounds fine. Lumina needs to SHUT UP RIGHT NOW. I don’t know what happens in XIII-2, but Lumina looks like some other incarnation of Serah from XIII. Her hair and everything are the same. And based on this trailer, she looks important to the story. So NO WAY. I am NOT playing this game in English. Forget it.


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