FFXII: Lightning Returns and FFXIV: ARR Crossover

I’m not going to lie. I’m excited about this. While I would rather be fighting alongside other Final Fantasy heroes and/or heroines, this is cool. I’m a Final Fantasy fangirl, remember, so ANYTHING Final Fantasy is fair game for my undying affection. The one thing I am rather disappointed by, however, is the fact that as a female character, I am only going to have the option of getting Lightning’s costume. Male characters will receive Snow’s trench coat and bandanna. (Yes, I totally triple-checked the spelling on that. I thought it was bandana.) Oh well. I suppose I could level up a male character a little just to get access to the trench coat. We’ll see. I just might. My Roegadyn female is large and muscular, so I think she’s going to look weird in Lightning’s outfit.


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