New Sam Stuff! (9/29/13)

My latest trip to the Sanrio store didn’t net too much. This is probably a good thing. If I check regularly, I can pick up things as I find them instead of not checking for months and then spending a LOT of money all at once.

DSC01718The more I look at this picture, the more I think that I’m pretty sure I already bought those stickers. Oh well, bonus! The little notepad and the cellphone strap are definitely new.

DSC01719I’m so tempted to actually use this thermos. It’s so cute. I run into this problem a lot. I once met a guy who collected Star Wars action figures. He would buy two of everything so that he could keep one and play with the other. He said it was a pretty expensive habit. Yeah, I bet.

DSC01717This is obviously not Sam, but for spending the money I did, this was a free gift. It’s a microwave-safe bento box. I may re-gift it or something. I kind of hate Hello Kitty. LOL


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