Train Simulator 2014


On my last shopping trip to the Sanrio store, I also picked up this cute little notebook with an anthropomorphized Shinkansen (Japanese bullet train). I really love trains. I think it’s because with the exception of the historical train ride available through The Hawaiian Railway Society that’s only available on Sundays, the island I live and grew up on (Oahu) simply doesn’t have them. Whenever I’ve visited Japan, the mainland US, and Europe, I’ve made it a point to ride some kind of train as often as possible. In fact, when my husband and I take a vacation this holiday season, we’ll be taking a scenic train ride from Seattle, Washington to Minneapolis, Minnesota. That’s a 36 hour ride and I’m so excited!

I currently have Train Simulator 2013 in my Steam library. I didn’t buy any DLC because I don’t really have enough knowledge or experience with trains to really be into a certain type. And to be honest, I’m still not very good at navigating my train properly from one station to the next. I don’t know how realistic it is in comparison to really operating a train, but this game is not arcade-y or anything AT ALL. I think that I don’t play it enough, so I haven’t gotten enough practice. I often think that I really should play it more, but I’m always playing more action oriented games like Final Fantasy or Diablo.

Then I saw the trailer for the new iteration of the Train Simulator series, Train Simulator 2014, narrated by one of the actors in Game of Thrones, Sean Bean, the guy who plays Ned Stark.

And I suddenly started feeling like I should buy the new one. I don’t think it’s that different than 2013, but it’s like how Madden video game players always buy the newest one because it has the most up to date team and player information. But I hardly play 2013 in the first place! So I shouldn’t do it! But it’s a new version! In my mind, I can hear myself saying that I’ll play it more this time, really. But I know me. /sigh I’ll let you guys know if I cave…


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