The Latest Comic Haul – 9/28/13

A bunch more of those holographic covers! I don’t know what it is about shiny and/or sparkly things. I really love them.


  • Black Manta #1 (Aquaman #23.1)
  • Solomon Grundy #1 (Earth 2 #15.2)


  • Lobo #1 (Justice League #23.2)
  • Dial E #1 (Justice League #23.3)


  • Eclipso #1 (Justice League Dark #23.2)


  • Killer Frost #1 (Justice League of America #7.2)
  • Shadow Thief #1 (Justice League of America #7.3)

(As an aside, I asked my husband a really stupid/funny thing while taking this photo. I love comics based on their stories and characters. I’m not one of those people that’s particularly attached to certain artists or writers. My two favorite super heroes of all time are the Hulk and Wonder Woman. So I don’t have any allegiance to DC versus Marvel. So sometimes I forget that publishers and stuff are different. To me, I just love comics. So I asked my husband, “Is Killer Frost related to Emma Frost?” He gave me an amused look and said, “Nope. Wrong universe.” LOL Oops!)


  • Arcane #1 (Swamp Thing #23.1)


  • Trigon #1 (Teen Titans #23.1)
  • Deathstroke #1 (Teen Titans #23.2)


  • Cheetah #1 (Wonder Woman #23.1)

And there were two normal comics, as well.


  • Indestructible Hulk #13
  • Deadpool #16

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