First Attempt – rain on PS3


I bought rain and Journey at the same time. Seriously, I don’t know what came over me. Again, the art and music compelled me to buy and try to play a type of game that I don’t normally play. Seriously, if you think I’m bad at 3D platforming (which I AM), then I’m REALLY BAD at stealth. I don’t even like playing rogue-type characters in MMO’s. I’m definitely more of a bash-your-skull-open-with-a-giant-hammer kind of girl. However, the trailer intrigued and mesmerized me, so I decided to try it.

Like Journey, I didn’t get very far, but I have every intention of trying again. The problem this time was that I had NO IDEA how to run. I eventually figured it out by trying different buttons, but by that time, I had died a couple of times and was frustrated, so I quit the game. During the loading screen at the very beginning of the game, a picture is shown with the controller and what all the buttons do. I had only read through the buttons on the left half of the picture before the screen faded because the game was done loading. I went into the options menu to see if I could look up key bindings there to no avail and the game doesn’t explain what the buttons do once you start playing. It simply tells you things like the fact that the boy can’t be seen if he’s standing somewhere sheltered from the rain. Yeah, thanks for the tip. I think I figured that part out, but if I can’t outrun these freaky ass monsters, I can’t stand in shelter now, can I? After failing to get to safety three times, the game offered to give me a hint, which I happily took. It told me to get out of the rain. Ugh. Seriously? I finally figured out that in order to run, you need to hold down the square button.

Now that I’ve figured out the controls, I’ll definitely try again. The game is aesthetically beautiful and haunting. I will post again when and if I manage to beat the game.

And a note to game developers: Not all of us are capable of memorizing all the controls of a game in such a brief period of time. At least give us the option to look at the controls in the menu or something!


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