This Offends Me

questionI am not easily offended. In fact, I should probably be more offended more often in certain situations. However, this question offended me. The Official US Playstation Blog has a survey to help improve their site. I don’t know about you guys, but I play games for entertainment.

Of these six choices, I only found two of them to be particularly problematic: Lonely and Fearful. I am certainly not saying that being lonely or fearful could never prompt a person to play games. They ABSOLUTELY could. But to imply that because I play games, I must be motivated by them is insulting. In this question, I am forced to rank them, regardless of whether or not I actually experience them.

I posted this picture to my Facebook wall and in the two gaming guild groups that I belong to. My friends agreed with me.

  • “Are they saying that gamers have some kind of emotional issues?”
  • “Where did you get this?”
  • (me) “Oh, I posted a link on my wall with the link to the page with the survey. It’s from the Playstation Blog. LOL
  • “weird…i play for entertainment purposes”
  • (me) “I know, right? The question made me feel like they thought I was some kind of weirdo loser…”
  • “or the next mass murderer… lol”
  • “Yea I’m feeling fearless when I’m fishing in ff!”
  • “LOL”

There is a better way to ask this question. You could simply list each word and then give a scale from Don’t Feel At All, Feel A Little, Feel Somewhat, Feel A Lot. Or something like that. I did NOT appreciate being forced to rank those.



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