All Saints Wake – Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Seasonal Event

ffxiv_10172013_224841I’m a huge fan of seasonal events in game. While they tend to take up precious inventory space, I can’t help but participate and collect as much seasonal crap as I possibly can. This event started today, October 18th, and runs until October 31st. And apparently, you can only do the quests at night (Eorzea time).

You can start the season quest with any level 1 class in any of the three major cities. You need to be able to travel to the other two cities, though, so this isn’t something you can easily do if you’re a brand new player. But your first quest is just a talk-to-that-guy-over-there quest and the reward you get is an outfit called The Wailing Spirit:

ffxiv_10172013_225727Cute, huh? You can also buy pumpkin head helmets. These are level 1 and not particularly good, but they’re fun to wear:

ffxiv_10172013_231246 ffxiv_10172013_231217 ffxiv_10172013_231143 ffxiv_10172013_231102There are pumpkins, ghosts, and ghouls all over the place:

ffxiv_10172013_230651 ffxiv_10172013_225401 ffxiv_10172013_225002And then for completing all the seasonal quests, I got an achievement called “Oh My Gourd” and another ghost outfit, but this one has a smiley face instead of a frowning face. It’s called The Howling Spirit:



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