Silly Things in FFXIV:ARR

As much as I like looking cool or badass when I’m playing a video game, there’s a huge part of me that really enjoys just looking silly or ridiculous.

One of the most ridiculous pieces of armor in FFXIV:ARR is the subligar. This piece of armor was carried over from FFXI and it still looks completely silly on certain characters:

ffxiv_10132013_142334I like to call it “leather underwear” and it looks even more ridiculous on a male character, which I’m sure you can imagine. To be fair, the subligar looks a lot better on the more sexy and feminine human or cat people. It doesn’t look like good ARMOR, of course, but it has the look of something you’d expect from a video game: sexy and revealing. On muscular females like my character or on men, it just looks stupid. It does make me laugh, though.

As does this picture of my husband’s character wearing pink tights without his robe:

ffxiv_10162013_190750Obviously, I’m easily amused… 🙂




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