FFXIV:ARR Ahriman Mount

I got a Halloween themed manicure this weekend and I did take pictures, but I haven’t uploaded them to my computer yet, so I’ll post them tomorrow. In the meantime, I thought this was weird. This very cool mount is a veteran reward for playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. It’s a reward you get for playing for 180 days. I paid for 6 months up front, so I got the veteran rewards even though the time hasn’t passed by. Anyway, look at how I’m sitting on that thing? Seriously, how do I not fall off? I should have taken a picture of my husband on his. He’s sitting cross-legged. So weird.

ffxiv_10202013_211549In other FFXIV:ARR related news, I’m about at my wits’ end. While playing this game, I get runtime errors having to do with virtual C++ calls. I get stuck on the geometry. I take forever to zone. NPC’s sometimes take MINUTES to show up on my screen.  I have done a clean reinstall of the game more than once. I’ve even done a TOTALLY CLEAN reinstall of Windows TWICE! I’ve done burn in tests on my processor, RAM, and video card. I’ve updated C++ libraries. I’ve updated .NET framework. I’ve done chkdsk on both hard drives to make sure there are no bad sectors and that the drives aren’t going bad. I have changed settings. I have scoured every forum post from other players with problems even remotely similar to mine and tried everything.

AND NOTHING HELPS! Honestly, if I didn’t love Final Fantasy as much as I do and if this game wasn’t totally awesome, I would have given up on it already. But I just want to play! 😦 I am so frustrated. I wish I could just buy a brand new computer or something… /sigh

I tried running The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and that ran perfectly fine. No lag, no long loading times, no problems. I feel like the problem is with my hardware, but when other games run perfectly fine, I have to wonder…



3 thoughts on “FFXIV:ARR Ahriman Mount

  1. what server are you on? If it is a legacy server the lag and runtime issues could be due to server overcrowding. I have the same problem, whether I am on PC or PS3.. too bad legacy can’t transfer to non-legacy or else i would so be there.

  2. OMG… you formatted your computer twice just for FFXIV?! Hats off to you. Well, I didn’t check the minimum req for FFXIV, but, maybe that could help start off your fixing quest again. I really doubt so though. But you did clear everything off and then reinstall the VC Redist 2005>2008>2010 and everything in between, one by one, right? If you do reinstall, hope you didn’t forget to re-update your graphic card driver, because some games tend to be choosy when it comes to drivers, it might work well on one game but not another. Hmmm… good luck. >_<

    Oh gosh.. you don't need to buy a new computer, but, it would be nice to upgrade one piece after another slowly. That's what I used to do… ahhh… unless you're using a laptop.

  3. I’m on Cactuar, which is one of the new servers. There are a handful of people having the exact same problems as I am, which indicates that there must be something in our particular hardware drivers that doesn’t quite jive with the programming.

    Yup, I’ve tried a million different drivers and updated the VC Redist one by one. My next troubleshooting step will be to install Windows 8.1. And don’t worry, I’m definitely not going to buy a new computer just for one game. 😉 Especially since everything else works perfectly fine… LOL My current rig is 6 years old, but over the years I’ve upgraded the video card twice and increased the RAM. My next machine won’t be built until my husband and I move to the mainland. I don’t want to deal with shipping two computers in addition to all my other crap.

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