Computer Update

So, my computer is out for the count. There was a message on a black screen when I got home saying that BOOTMGR was corrupt and that it couldn’t start. After working with my super duper techie friend and troubleshooting everything we could think of, our best theory is that my drive controllers on my motherboard are bad. At least now I know that all my problems with FFXIV:ARR had a cause, Not that this really makes me feel much better about it… =P

Thankfully, I have a laptop, so I’m not completely computer-less right now, but I certainly can’t game on it. At least I can do my MOOC stuff on it and if I want to play FFXIV:ARR, I can just play on the PS3…

So here’s what my desk looks like right now:

IMG_20131023_231259So sad. 😦



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