Getting Excited About the Next Gen System Launches

Whenever I get really angry, I get the most bizarre urge to clean. For example, I’ve been known to completely rearrange the bedroom at 3 in the morning, much to the chagrin of my trying-to-get-some-sleep husband. So after I learned that my computer was totally dead, I decided to clean and reorganize the section of our bedroom that has all our recently bought comics, charging cables, and late night snack food. As I was boarding our comics so that I could put them in their boxes, I noticed that we were missing a Wonder Woman. Maybe #22? I forget. I told my husband to log it in his list/spreadsheet so that we can get it in the near future.

He commented, “I can’t wait till we move to the mainland and can visit the comic books stores up there. When I lived in Washington state, I used to love taking my 10 year old nephew to comic book stores and we’d see if we could find any cool, hard to find stuff. Taking Nico when he was little to the card stores for Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards was just like that. I really miss that.” (Nico is our nickname for my son.)

I replied, “Yeah, I feel like the act of collecting is way more fun than the having. There’s that thrill when you find something you were really searching for, you know?”

Of course, I like HAVING stuff, too. (I’m a terrible, horrible person for liking my materialistic possessions, I know…) But that excitement and anticipation of getting something cool is indescribable to me. The XBOX One and Playstation4 are releasing in a matter of weeks now, so the hype and excitement is building. Microsoft and Sony are doing everything they can to get us excited about it. In case you missed them, here are the latest trailers:


Playstation 4

In addition to all the hype, though, is a veritable laundry list of everything that can and can’t be done on the day these systems release. Whether it’s real name IDs, requiring a launch update, or voice chat support, media outlets just can’t resist shoving all this information down our throats. To be fair, when you’re shelling out this kind of cash for a brand new system, you want to know what it can and can’t do. It’s just that I feel like a side effect of this information overload is that they’re taking the thrill, mystery, and excitement out of it.

I mentioned in a previous post that there isn’t really anything at launch for either system that I want or even plan on buying. Yet I’m buying the systems anyway because that thrill of collecting compels me. November is going to be an exciting month for us. The PS4 comes out on the 15th, the XBOX One comes out on the 22nd, and then my husband and I leave for our vacation on the 26th. I’m doing my best to ignore the majority of the media information overload so that I can stay focused on the anticipation and excitement. I’m definitely getting excited. I can hardly wait. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Getting Excited About the Next Gen System Launches

  1. I’ve accumulated them over the years from various places. Some were ordered online from places like Play-Asia or CD Japan. Others were bought from a store here that recently closed called Toys ‘n’ Joys, which from the early 80’s until just last month specialized in importing games, toys, and action figures from Japan. And then a huge bunch of them came from my visits to Japan and places like the Dragon Quest bar Luida or the Square Enix merchandise store. Oh, and we also have an anime convention here every year called Kawaii Kon and I go every year pretty much exclusively for the vendor room. I wish I had the space to display all my plushies, but sadly the majority of them are in boxes. When we move to the mainland, I will finally have space! 🙂

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