Sorry, I’m AFK Right Now

Apparently, I’m one of those people that gets severe eye strain when using computers with glossy screens for extended periods of time. This leads to symptoms very similar to motion sickness, including dizziness, headaches, and nausea. My laptop has a glossy screen. I never experienced this before most likely because I never used it for more than maybe 20 minutes at a time. Over the weekend, I tried catching up on coursera videos and other random things and I made myself so sick that I had to lie down. So I’ve been avoiding my laptop at home as much as possible.

My friend is letting me borrow a DVI-HDMI cable so that I connect my laptop to one of my screens at home. That should solve most of my problems, but since I’m so behind on my online classes, I won’t have much time to post here this week. Hopefully, I can catch up and get back into the swing of things by the weekend.

Mostly due to financial constraints, I decided to order myself a new computer instead of building one myself. (I haven’t actually bought a pre-made desktop computer in over a decade.) I realize that if I were to build my own, it would be cheaper overall, but I don’t have the cash to buy all the parts. I could but them on credit cards, but their interest rates are higher than the 0% financing at Dell, assuming I pay it off within a year, which I factored into our budget.

In any case, I have a number of posts in the works, but until I’m caught up on my online classes, there won’t be much here. Here’s hoping I get back to it quickly! 🙂


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