Batman: Arkham Origins Collector’s Edition

I’m pretty sure that even when my son is all grown up with a real job and real responsibilities, I’ll still be contacting him and asking, “Hey, do you want <insert game here>?” And he’ll say yes and I’ll buy it and send it to him. (This should make his kids happy if he has them.) Anyway, my latest purchase for him was the Batman: Arkham Origins Collector’s Edition for PS3. Since he’s away at college on the other side of the country, I just shipped him the game. I wasn’t about to try and figure out a way to ship this huge ass box. When he graduates and has a place of his own wherever he ends up living, I’ll figure out how to ship all his special editions at that time. As collector’s editions go, this one is pretty awesome:

DSC01746 DSC01747

I was surprised at the size of the box when I went to pick it up from the store. I had seen posts on the internet about what was going to be in it, but somehow I figured that the figure would besmaller.


I thought this was funny simply because if someone spends this kind of money ($120) on a collector’s edition of a game, chances are that they are going to be careful with it. DSC01749 DSC01750


Of course there was a lot of different stuff in the art book, but I’m a fan of Deathstroke, so I took a picture of his page. As a side note, he’s a villain in this game according to this book. Why is Deathstroke a villain? He’s more like an anti-hero if you ask me… /shrugDSC01752 DSC01753

I thought this was a pretty neat addition. I love how it really looks like an old photograph.DSC01754 DSC01755

(Sorry for the background. I really need to find a better place in my house to take photos of stuff.)


I love the detail on the statue. It apparently also lights up.DSC01761 DSC01762 DSC01763 DSC01764 DSC01765 DSC01766 DSC01767 DSC01768 DSC01769 DSC01770 DSC01771 DSC01772 DSC01773 DSC01774DSC01759DSC01760DSC01757DSC01758These evidence bags were probably my favorite things in the box. I’m not really sure why. I just thought they were cool.


One thought on “Batman: Arkham Origins Collector’s Edition

  1. this is awesome! I love when collector’s editions are really worth the extra money, with lots of goodies like this! it really makes me want to go get it.
    Side Note: The evidence bag is the coolest.

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