I am a firm believer that when you go on vacation, you should actually go on vacation. While I brought all my handhelds (3DS, Vita, and PSP) to keep me occupied during long flights, I don’t believe in gaming on vacation. I DID visit an incredibly awesome retro arcade in Portland, Oregon called Ground Kontrol. It’s in the Chinatown/Old Town district. I played Marble Madness and Centipede. I’m told by gamers who live in Portland that Wil Wheaton likes to go there when he’s in town.

So after spending just under a week in the Pacific Northwest, I’ll be hopping on a train to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Again, since I’m on vacation, I will be observing radio silence, so you won’t hear from me for another week or so.

I know, I know… A good blogger would have posts pre-made and scheduled to publish throughout my trip, but I’m still kind of new at this and I just didn’t have the time to prepare. Believe me, I’ve got several posts worth of pictures hanging out in my Dropbox folder, just waiting for me to post, so I should be busy once I get back.