Star Trek Starfleet Ships of the Line Shirt

I really like Forever 21. Their constant rotation of styles plus their cheap prices are hard to resist. I have friends who give me a hard time about shopping there because I’m supposedly “too old” to be buying clothes there, but while it’s true that you wouldn’t catch me dead in a lot of their stuff (short-ass-hanging-out-shorts, I’m looking at you), there is a lot of nice, cute, tasteful stuff in there. When I go to the women’s sections of most department stores, they’re also filled with stuff you wouldn’t catch me dead in because I refuse to look like a middle-aged woman, thank you very much! As a side note, I REALLY HATE being in this in-between stage for clothing. I don’t want to wear the super young styles, but I don’t want to look like my older female relatives yet, either… /sigh

ANYWAY… Forever 21 often has pop culture reference clothing. You know, stuff like Hello Kitty or Disney shirts, sports team pajama bottoms, 80’s-style t-shirts, and the like. So when I went into the store in Waikiki, wearing my 45th Anniversary Star Trek shirt, one of the salespeople said, “Oh, did you see our Star Trek shirt?” Of course, I couldn’t resist. Star Trek is one of my favorite things in the universe! As you can see from the photo, it’s that cut-off sleeves 80’s t-shirt style which works really well with layering. I’m not 100% sure if I’ll actually ever wear it. Not because of the style, but because it’s shiny and I don’t want it to fade…


Proof it was from Forever 21:

IMG_20131118_223827(PS – I apologize for my absence. I hope to start bombarding you with all my favorite stuff again soon! My son flies back to the mainland for college on Friday, so I will hopefully have more time then.)



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