It’s ALIVE! …maybe…


New tattoo! 🙂 It’s from FFXIV and no one in real life has recognized it yet… Haha. XD

So I created a Twitch channel. I’m not really sure why, exactly. Maybe because I like talking about games and I don’t get to do that too much with people at work. I also wanted to come up with a way to hold myself accountable for actually playing and finishing games.

I am still primarily a Final Fantasy XIV MMO player, but I am trying to figure out a schedule for my offline games, as well. It’s usually Monday since we seem to have maintenance on Monday evenings. Unfortunately, I can’t stream from ALL my consoles or my handhelds, but that still leaves PS4, XBOX One, and PC, so there are a lot of options there.

I post pics of games, wine, and screenshots of FFXIV on Instagram and in addition to trying to figure out Twitter, I’m resurrecting this blog (and considering making a tumblr) to round out my online persona.

Although today is Monday, I will be playing FFXIV tonight because a friend is supposed to be transferring to my server and I will be inviting him to my guild and all that good stuff. If you feel so inclined, come by and say hi. I’m sure to have a glass of wine in one hand while grinding red scrips or something like that…

May you always walk in the light of the crystal…

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