Drunk Dragoon

I had a rough day at work yesterday. By the end of the day, I was actually raising my voice. I don’t do that. So I did what most stupid people do and I had some alcohol. Before dinner.

#chocolatemint #stout I really needed this after the day I had today… YUM! 😍

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I started with a chocolate mint stout.

Tonight's #wine #cabernetsauvignon #hess

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Then had a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. The bottle had been open for over a day already and needed to be finished. Oxidation makes wine lame.

I ended my little binge with a Guinness Nitro IPA. Keep in mind that I pretty much only ever drink one glass of wine in a sitting. On top of that, I’m short and only weigh about 115 pounds, so I’m a lightweight.

I was no longer in a bad mood after that, though. Instead, I was loopy and silly. I tried working on my red and blue scrip gathering in FFXIV, but repeatedly misclicked on things, making stupid errors. Then I tried messing around with a brand new alt on another server. Then I tried making another character on ANOTHER friend’s server, but it was full and didn’t want to open up. So I went back to my server and worked on gathering again. Finally, some people in my FC wanted to do Dusk Vigil for someone’s story, so I finally got to do something fun! Experience for my Failgoon! As a career Paladin, trying to grasp the intricacies of the Dragoon rotation is very difficult. I’m not the fastest when it comes to learning new things, but I get them eventually. But I was also drunk, so yeah… forget that. I managed to keep my Heavy Thrust buff up most of the time, switched between the two 1-2-3 combos, and remembered to apply Phlebotomize. I have no idea when and where I’m supposed to incorporate my OGCD abilities, so they went mostly unused. (I think I hit Jump a couple of times, though…) I found an excellent Dragoon post on the official forums, so I’m trying to use that, but my god, there is so much information. I get overwhelmed. I’m sorry, I’m slow. I’ll get it eventually. Practice, practice, practice. And NOT while drunk!

Interesting game things of note today:

The USPS says that my copies of Final Fantasy Explorers Collector’s Edition will arrive the day after tomorrow.

Playstation released their top classic games of 2015. This makes me happy. Suikoden II is one of the best.games.ever. Breath of Fire IV and the Final Fantasy games are also good.

We’re getting a report on Saturday with details about a report coming up in March to give us details and a release date of Final Fantasy XV. Am I the only one that hates getting sneak peeks of sneak peeks? I remember something about a teaser for a teaser trailer for a movie several months ago and I was like… omg already!

I am really excited for this game. It comes out a few days before my birthday! Woohoo! Already preordered the collector’s edition.

I’m not sure what I think of this. A lot of people are freaking out over his voice. That actually doesn’t really weird me out. I mean, he’s TALKING. Isn’t that weird enough? Anyway, when I posted this on Facebook, my husband commented, “He sounds kinda mean…” Yeah, I agree. I wonder if this will even come stateside…

I really want to play The Witness. I haven’t played Braid, so I’m not familiar with Jonathan Blow’s games. I’m currently playing and loving The Talos Principle, though, so I’ll finish that first.

Some NON-gaming, but equally geeky things of note today:

Star Trek is getting a brand new convention for its 50th anniversary in New York, NY. My sisters live there and I am JEALOUS. Sadly, they probably won’t go because, well… They don’t like Star Trek as much as I do. I would go if I wasn’t already going to New York for my son’s graduation in May. Sadly, I just can’t afford to make two trips to NYC in one year. 😦

This kid skated to “Tank!” from Cowboy Bebop. How cool is that? He placed 3rd.

Plans for Twitch tonight:

Well, weekly challenges and such reset in FFXIV, so I’ll probably just be doing boring stuff like Expert Roulette. If I get bored, I might switch to my PS4 and you can see how stupid I am while trying to play The Talos Principle. I am one of those smart/gifted people. (I hate that label, btw.) But this game makes me feel stupid as fuck. LOL I love it, though. It’s super fun. I wish I had someone to couch co-op, though. I was playing with my son before he went back to college for his last semester. My husband really isn’t into this kind of game, although I suppose I could try and force him, but I doubt that will work very well. Hahaha! My other friends who would probably enjoy this are not my friends anymore. /sigh

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