Final Fantasy Explorers Collector’s Edition…GET!


Ever since I found out about this game, I’ve been really looking forward to it. As a hardcore fan of Phantasy Star Online, this just looked perfect. After all, I’m a HUGE Final Fantasy fangirl. So combine Final Fantasy with one of my favorite online gaming experiences of all time, and you get a VERY excited woman.

I was also excited because I’d be able to play this with my husband and my son. A family that plays together stays together and even though my baby is 5000 miles away at college, he still plays games and we can still play together.

IMG_20160127_182046 (1)

So of course, when they announced a collector’s edition on the Square Enix store, I had to preorder. I debated just getting a CE for myself and regular editions for my two favorite men, but whenever I do that (and it’s quite often), I kinda feel guilty about it. I always wonder if my son is thinking, “Man, why the hell does Mom always get all the cool shit?” (Honestly, I could answer that…hehehe…) So I splurged.

When people started playing this game on Tuesday, I was a little jealous, but I figured that waiting for the CE was a worthwhile price to pay. I’m actually surprised I got it on Wednesday. Because we live in Hawaii, I often get games WAY after release if I order them on the internet.




So far, I’ve pretty much only just made my character and completed the (rather pathetic) tutorial missions. Aside from being COMPLETELY confused about Crystal Surges (even after reading the Help Menu stuff), I love how combat feels. (And yes, I understand Crystal Surges and Abilities now.) And not to complain too much, but my feminist self can’t help but ask… What’s with the skanky ho starting outfit? Once I get gear, I’ll get over it. (Really, I’m always torn between feeling offended by outfits like this and loving them because I used enjoy dressing rather provocatively when I was younger…) In any case, hopefully I get a chance to play more tonight.


It even came with special weapons and quests, apparently. I didn’t know this before I opened the box. Not sure how I missed that bit of info, honestly…

  • h4tsum1

2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Explorers Collector’s Edition…GET!

    • I’m definitely enjoying it so far, although admittedly I haven’t gotten that far. I pretty much only play with my husband and my friends.

      I’m so mad at Sega about PSO2. I played it for awhile on the Japanese servers, but most of my friends didn’t want to deal with it so without them to play with, it just wasn’t as fun. 😦

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