Tanking the Floor

This weekend I worked on leveling my FFXIV Dragoon from 53 to 55. After being the only tank in my Free Company for a VERY LONG TIME, we now have an abundance of them. This is good because now I can finally work on other jobs. This is bad because I really don’t know how to do anything besides tank. Also, I REALLY want to get the 3rd tank job to 60 so I can get rid of all the excess tanking gear in my inventories. My niece is leveling Dark Knight (the last tank job I need to level), so while she levels that, I can level Dragoon. Hopefully she and I can get to 60 around the same time. Then I’ll switch to Dark Knight and get rid of all this redundant gear.


Speaking of gear… My Dragoon was still wearing almost exclusively level 50 gear, so I was doing abysmal damage. Amazingly, I hardly ever “tanked the floor.” (Dragoons are known for dying a lot. Our excuse is animation lock, but it’s mostly because they get stuck in stupid a lot. Too busy trying to be all badass maybe. I don’t know.) I picked up a couple pieces of gear, but since weapon damage is the most important stat for outgoing damage, it was still pretty horrible. So in between a couple of dungeon runs, I made myself a HQ crafted weapon, just to make things a bit better. I became a major fashion emergency because I wanted to level more than I cared about dealing with glamour:


After this, I glamoured my gear to look like my tank. When we were done running dungeons for the evening, I remembered that I’ve been hoarding Dragoon gear ever since Heavensward came out. I thought, “I must have SOMETHING better than what I’ve got on…” Yep, I had almost a full set of gear from the Aery. And a way better weapon. I’m a little annoyed that I went through the trouble of making a HQ crafted weapon when I had a nice dungeon one sitting quietly in my retainer. Oh well. That’s what I get for being a space case. At least I look a lot better now:


Video Game News I Care About:


They released details about the next patch for Final Fantasy XIV. There’s a huge list of stuff, but here’s the stuff that matters to ME:

  • Changes to Allagan Tomestones
  • The Orchestrion
  • LOTS and LOTS of new crafting recipes (that I probably don’t have high enough stats to make yet)
  • They’re changing Paladin. A lot, apparently. But I have no idea how.
  • They’re nerfing Strength to Enmity, so tanks should go Vitality
  • Cockroach people (I mean Gnath) beastman dailies
  • 2 new dungeons, Alexander Midas, and the beginning of the Warring Triad
  • The Mentor System
  • Being able to queue for Leveling, Trial, and Guildhest roulettes in a group
  • Being able to vendor junk from a retainer directly

There’s a patch for the PC version of Fallout 4. I really need to get back to that game. I started over three times because I suck at guns…

As always, Japan gets all the cool shit. I’m really excited for Dark Souls III even though I haven’t finished II yet. Or Bloodborne. When I took my son to Japan several years ago, Men’s 109 was one of his favorite stores even though it was almost impossible to find anything that fit him. Like his father, my son is a very stocky guy. Cool Japanese men’s fashion is designed for thin men. I remember hoping that he would get my build, but given that he was an entire pound larger at birth than expected, I suppose it makes sense that he’s a big guy.

I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS. No, I don’t care that it’s a sausage-fest. Yes, I am a total fangirl and I don’t care. Yes, I think those guys are hot. My favorite is probably a toss up between the nerdy looking one (Ignis) and the guy with all the tattoos (Gladiolus). I’m totally squee-ing over here… 😛

On a more serious note, I’m actually really impressed with the combat changes. Square Enix actually took the feedback from the demo and incorporated it into the current system. This makes me wonder, though… Are they JUST trying to please fans? Or are they actually attempting to create a fun and unique experience? I hope it’s the latter, but given the fact that SE is still a business out to make money, I can’t help but be skeptical.

This is available on Steam Early Access. DO WANT.

Plans for Twitch Tonight:

I need to cap my Esoterics in FFXIV before reset, so I’ll probably run roulette. Aside from that, though, I REALLY want to play more Talos Principle. Come join me and laugh at how dumb I am… 😉 I’m hoping to stream from about 9pm PST to 11pm PST.

I might hop back on at midnight since the Valentione event starts tonight in FFXIV. I see a lot of cheesy screenshot opportunities with my poor husband.


He really is such a good sport! LOL

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