Valentione’s Day 2016 – Final Fantasy XIV Seasonal Event

I got a late start on Twitch last night. I DID manage to play The Talos Principle for almost two hours, though. I really need to figure out how to get screenshots from my PS4 to my computer… (I’ll Google it later.)

Final Fantasy XIV’s Valentione’s Day (their version of Valentine’s Day, duh) event started at 10pm Hawaii time, so I switched back to streaming from my PC and did the event with my husband and my friend. I really wish I had taken screenshots of the goofy ass cutscenes. Some of them were really funny! The best was probably when my husband’s and my characters were doing squats together after talking to a fortuneteller about our compatibility. So random! XD The humor reminded me of the Hildibrand quest line. Japanese humor – you either love it or you hate it. Thankfully, I’m in the love it category. Good thing, too, since this is a Japanese game…

We got new hats and some pretty heart-shaped earrings, which I put immediately into my Armoire because inventory space is at such a premium in this game. I also bought some seriously cheesy-ass furniture. I couldn’t help it.


My husband and I sitting on the 2-part love seat. The wings and hearts are activated.



Apparently, you can activate the curtains. I’ll have to try that when I get home from work today. And on a rather R-rated note, whenever I see pictures of our characters together, I kind of wonder what kind of physical relationship they have. My Female Roegadyn is SO HUGE in comparison to my husband’s dainty, but refined Elezen…


Threesome! My husband’s a lucky guy: Femroe on one side, Female Miqote on the other… 😉


Goodnight! Honestly, I’m just happy to finally have a bed in my room…

Today in Game/Nerd News:

Necropolis is available for pre-purchase on Steam. This game looks like so much fun! Full disclosure: one of my friends works at Harebrained Schemes, so maybe I’m a little biased, but HBS makes awesome games. Shadowrun: Dragonfall and Shadowrun: Hong Kong, anyone? As for Necropolis, I’m not sure what it is about ridiculously hard games that make me die over and over again, but I just love playing them.

Hmm. It’s a really slow news day. There really isn’t anything else that I’m all excited about.

Oh! Evangelion 3.33 is finally releasing! Jeez. Took long enough.

Tonight on Twitch:

It’s probably going to be an exclusively Final Fantasy XIV night. I need to cap my red gatherer’s scrips tonight since I won’t be streaming tomorrow. A good friend whom I haven’t seen in MONTHS is coming over. Honestly, I’ll believe it when he walks through the door… 😛 Everything else reset last night, so I’ll likely be doing roulettes and possibly Void Ark. In addition to that, I want to work on Dragoon, if possible.

If for some weird reason I switch games tonight, I’ll be working more on The Talos Principle.

Come hang out! I’m targeting 10 pm PST as my start time, but it may be earlier.

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