FF Fabulous!

There’s a new Final Fantasy XIV gear/fashion video. I think Final Fantasy XIV should be called Final Fantasy Fabulous. There’s a long standing joke that glamour is the true end game. It’s hard to argue with that since a lot of players spend countless HOURS and loads of gil on getting their characters to look EXACTLY how they want. I tend to glamour JUST ENOUGH to avoid being a complete fashion emergency.

Last night in FFXIV, I didn’t accomplish much. I did Expert and Level 60 roulette, hung out in that crazy Teamspeak channel again, and made a couple new friends. I DIDN’T cap my red gatherer’s scrips like I wanted to, but I DID trade in some red crafter’s scrips for a NQ main hand tool for my Blacksmith. My Craftsmanship stat is ALMOST high enough to craft the good stuff. Just a few more materia overmelds and I should be good to go!

Once I logged off Twitch and the game, I took my 3DS to bed and played some Final Fantasy Explorers. I really like the Monster Hunter games, but they tend to be a BIT too hardcore for me, given the amount of time I have to play handheld games, so FF Explorers is perfect. Monster Hunter purists will complain that FFEx is too care bear, but whatever. I’m having fun with it. I’ve played some multiplayer with my husband and multiplayer is DEFINITELY where it’s at. Sure, you can create and level up monsters to fight with you, but having an actual, thinking (hopefully) human being playing with you makes a world of difference when the mission you’re on is difficult.

Today in Game News:

It’s another slow news day, but there are a couple things of note.

Nintendo announced a release window and preregistration date for its new Nintendo Account and phone app. I’d like to think that Nintendo is going to finally join the 21st century and make things tied to your account instead of your device(s), but I’m not holding my breath. They really have no fucking clue how to handle DRM AT ALL.

The Overwatch closed beta will be resuming on February 9th. This pleases me. I had beta access for about a month before the servers were shut down, but I never had a chance to actually try it out. Assuming there’s no rules against streaming, I’ll likely stream that at some point in the near future. I warn you now. I am TERRIBLE at games like this, so you’ll be laughing your ass off at me, I’m sure.

No Twitch stream tonight because I have a hot date with one of my best friends. I might be able to convince him to play Talos Principle with me while on stream, but I make no promises.

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