New T-Shirt!

A really good friend of mine posted a Teespring link to my Facebook wall several weeks ago. This happens a lot since a number of my friends get new nerdy t-shirt design updates from various websites like Teespring, Teefury, etc. (I’ve learned that it’s bad for my budget and my limited dresser space to follow these websites myself.) I would say that about 98% of the time, I’ll click on my friend’s link, chuckle, briefly consider a purchase, and then remind myself that student loan payments and my goal of moving to the mainland take priority. However, once in a great while, a shirt is just SO GOOD that I absolutely HAVE TO HAVE IT. This was one of those times.

New t-shirt! 😍 This is SO ME! #gamer

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I am a very passionate person. If I love something, my ardor is unmatched. If I hate something, oh man… So it stands to reason that I can have a temper. I’ve learned how to control that temper, but if you’re close to me, you’ve seen it and you KNOW that this shirt is accurate. πŸ˜‰ It’s probably why I love destroying and killing so much in video games. It’s like an outlet for my anger and frustrations. In real life, I’m actually VERY non-violent. The thought of laying a finger on an ACTUAL person is repulsive and sickening to me. (For years, this carried over into my gaming, as well, making certain types of games very difficult, but that’s a story for another day.)

The friend who linked this shirt came over to hang out last night. I hadn’t seen him in person in MONTHS. It was great. πŸ™‚ He brought spicy ahi and tako poke, I cooked dinner, and we drank a nice Syrah while talking about games, Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars, Star Trek, comics, and other nerd things. I have very few friends in real life that are as passionate about these things as I am, so when I get the opportunity to hang out and talk nerd, it really is the BEST. TIME. EVER. (This is the reason why I signed up for Twitch: to have more opportunities to chat with other people about these awesome hobbies!)

Since he didn’t have to work today, he stayed pretty late, so I didn’t get to play any games last night. I played with my Vita for maybe a half hour while lying in bed before sleep, but that’s it. I hope we get to hang out more often.

Today in Game News:

DOOM has a release date: May 13, 2016. Friday, the 13th.


And it has a Collector’s Edition. I don’t play first person shooter games because they make me nauseous. If I manage to find one that doesn’t make me sick, I really like playing them, though. But because I have very little experience playing them, I REALLY REALLY SUCK. I’m pretty sure it’s painful to watch, honestly. I want this game. Even if it makes me motion sick, if I move my body around while I play, I can alleviate it for the most part. I have to take frequent breaks, though. (That’s what I have to do when I play Fallout 4.)

One of my favorite games of all time is Escape from Monster Manor on the 3DO. (An EA game back when EA was still just a game development studio and not a corporate giant.) Like other FPS games during that time, character movement wasn’t as complex, so it was easy for me to adjust my body movement to allow for playing for long periods of time. The original DOOM was similar, although there was more head bob. But anyway, after watching this trailer, I really want to play this game.

(Man, it’s another slow news day for me…)

Tonight on Twitch:

Today is one of my viewer’s birthdays! πŸ™‚ So I will be drinking wine and doing normal FFXIV things. Maybe I’ll work on my alt on their server after roulette, etc. I could use a change of pace.Β Of course, I also want to work on The Talos Principle. I miss actually BEATING games. If I didn’t love FFXIV so much, I’d quit playing MMO’s so that I could focus on all the other stuff I have, but that’s just NOT going to happen…

I’m hoping to start streaming at 9:30 PM Pacific Time. Come hang out!

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9 thoughts on “New T-Shirt!

  1. Doom. Man, I haven’t played a Doom game since… Doom II? How long ago was that now? I like FPS type games, but do terribly at them in multiplayer. It’s funny, Nicole is the same way (with the motion sickness). But she loves Borderlands and it so bad when we picked back up into playing it on XBox One. Better graphics = Sick. Then she fell in love with Dying Light… lol

      • I even get nauseous playing Fallout 4, but I play it anyway. If I play it a lot, I can get used to the movement. Sea legs, I guess. People always tell me I should play Fallout 4 in 3rd person, but I have a harder time controlling combat when I do that, so I’ll switch when I’m exploring, but once I start fighting, I switch it back. πŸ˜›

        Nope, I’m not picking up FFFates, but my husband is. I really can’t get into Fire Emblem. (I know, I’m like the only one! Haha!) I’m actually not a big tactics person, in general. Final Fantasy Tactics is the only tactics game I’ve ever finished. It’s also the only tactics game that I’ve played for more than about 5 hours… πŸ˜› Everything is too slow for me. I have no patience. LOL

  2. I can’t really play a lot of those games if Nicole is around because watching it will make her sick. She is a little better off if she is playing it herself, I guess focusing on other things on screen helps her a little.

    I’ve tried to play Fallout that way, but like you, it doesn’t last once the fighting starts up.

    Fire Emblem Awakening was my first FE game and it does start off slow in the beginning. It does get better later on, fights tend to get much more frantic. But what drives me crazy is the permadeath! It kills me to see how I stupidly left a healer out in the open and the enemy just strides in and kills them forever. Just thinking about it makes me anxious.. lol

    For what it’s worth, maybe I’ll see you back in FFXIV soon. Nicole couldn’t resist the calling to craft. And harvest. She even wants to do a bit of gardening. Well she is throwing not so subtle hints that she wants to do more high level harvesting…

    • I wish gardening wasn’t so time consuming. It would be nice if we could have more than one plot on our small house, but oh well. No one’s using it right now. I crossbred some rare mats a few weeks ago, but it took SO LONG that I just haven’t felt like going through that again for other stuff. LOL I got all my crafters and gatherers to 60 and am now working on gearing them up. It’s very expensive, but VERY satisfying. We’ve got more people playing right now, it seems, but who knows how long that will last. LOL Life and other games keep getting in the way. πŸ˜€

      I always tell my husband, “Tactics and strategy games are ALL YOU, man.” I really don’t enjoy that style of gameplay. I’ve tried so many different games from those genres and I end up just getting annoyed and bored. I have no doubt, though, that Fire Emblem Fates is going to be an awesome game for those who enjoy that franchise. I really wish I could share everyone’s hype! LOL

  3. Gardening is very time consuming and random to make it worst! By the way, how has the opening of abandon housing been going? Has anything opened up? Is there any real benefit of having a bigger house? Or is it a slight increase in the number of NPCs you can employ? Oh, more people being around must be nice. We’ve kind of noticed it over on FB. Good! Yeah, we got hit with life and other games, which took us off of FFXIV for a bit.

    Is your husband getting both games? I’m afraid I’m going all in on this and finally caving in on getting the new 3DS. I hope the data transfer isn’t as nightmarish as it sounds to be.

    • There’s a good website for gardening that makes it a little less random. I have no idea if anything has opened up for housing. The problem is that even if we could move into a bigger house, we’d lose ALL of our airship progress. We have 3 level 50 airships. We’d also lose all of our crafting progress, so we’d have to unlock all the recipes and stuff again. I’m sure at some point, they’ll make it where that doesn’t happen, but for now we’re definitely just going to stick to our current house.

      As for Fates, he preordered the one that has all the versions in it. He also preordered the 3DS hardware because he doesn’t have a new one. The data transfer thing isn’t TOO bad. I’ve done it twice already. Just make sure you have BOTH consoles when you do it. Sucks that you can’t trade one in for the other, but yeah, NIntendo’s DRM is TERRIBLE.

      • Wow, very transfer unfriendly huh? I think I remember seeing you folks talking about that a long while back. That is a lot to lose for an expensive house upgrade…

        Oh, nice. I missed the boat on that version and ended up preordering both games individually. And no way am I buying it from any of those vultures on the internet for $200+! The transfer is one thing, the other is changing out the memory card for the new 3DS. I hope I don’t end up scratching the hell out of it while doing so. Why does Nintendo make life harder?

        Last thing, how goes Final Fantasy Explorers? We’ve picked it up as well, but haven’t exactly blazed through the game. We got as far as having to hunt for Eidolons. Tried a 3 star mission and got destroyed… ha.

  4. I’m about as far as you are. I have yet to play in a 4 person party, but it’s my understanding that harder missions are quite doable as long as you’re with others. I’ve only played with my husband so far, but I do have other friends that play. Just need to group up with them.

    I’ve got too many games to play right now. Trying to get through Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky on Vita before really focusing on another handheld game… /sigh

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