Yarny is adorable. ❤

Last night I spent over 3 hours on Unravel, a puzzle platformer developed by Coldwood Interactive and published by EA. As a testament to how much I was enjoying myself, I spent a good chunk of time figuring out how to alleviate the motion sickness some of the game’s movement caused JUST SO I COULD KEEP PLAYING. Generally speaking, if a game makes me feel like throwing up, I just stop playing. Thankfully, most of Unravel’s movement isn’t nausea inducing. It’s pretty much only when Yarny has to swing. I was able to minimize my nausea by moving my body back and forth in time with the swings. Pretty sure I looked like an idiot, but it allowed me to keep playing the game. Sometimes I’d forget to sway and I’d have to look away from the screen or close my eyes to get rid of the dizziness, but as I played more, I forgot less often.


My buggy eyes are a good indication of how difficult this game is for me… LOL Beautiful game, though.

I have a love-hate relationship with puzzle platform games. On the one hand, I love the satisfaction of figuring out how to get from start to finish. On the other hand, when I get stuck on a puzzle, it can be absolutely rage inducing. Unlike straight up puzzle games like The Talos Principle, I also have to do things like time jumps or other hand-eye coordination tasks in addition to solving the puzzle. That added layer of complexity makes games like Unravel, rain, or Papo & Yo both more fun and more frustrating at the same time. I would argue, though, that the feeling of satisfaction upon success is also greater. I don’t know if it’s because my brain just doesn’t work a certain way or what, but sometimes I can get stuck on a puzzle for 20-30 minutes at a time. Each level contains several puzzles to solve in order to reach the end of the level. There are hidden items, too. So far I’ve only tackled the first two levels of Unravel, but I spent over 3 hours on that! This isn’t any worse or better than other similar games, fyi. I’m just an idiot, it seems. LOL Thank goodness for the beautiful scenery and serene, relaxing music! Pretty sure that’s part of what keeps me from just rage quitting.


An entry in the scrap book after a level.


A photo page before completing a level.



Still, that a-ha! moment when I finally DO figure something out, is incredibly satisfying. Yarny is using yarn to tie the memories of a family together, so when you complete a level, you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. As you find memories, you unlock photos and entries in an old scrap book. The house that serves as a hub for the different worlds/levels is warm and inviting with tea and cookies on a table, a cozy fire crackling, and the kinds of knick-knacks you’d find in your grandma’s house.


I miss my grandparents and the memories we made when I was a kid. My relationship with my family now is full of pain and distance, so I often daydream about family vacations and other memories from when they were still alive. I currently live in my late paternal grandparents’ house and I can still remember the ice cream truck that drove through the neighborhood and watching samurai dramas on TV with my grandma while she played Solitaire on a big pillow on her lap. Unravel makes me “yarn” for those times that are long past but still bring a smile to my face. According to the official website, “Yarny is the bond that ties everything together.” I’m a sucker for stories about family bonds. I truly believe that some bonds can’t be repaired, but at the same time I want to experience happily-ever-after. Stories can give me that fantasy that I know I’ll never get in real life. (If you’re curious, Papo & Yo was one of the most heart-wrenching and relate-able games I’ve ever played. Even though I know that Monster will always be Monster, a small part of me still wishes for a magic wand or something to transform him.)

I can’t wait to play more of Unravel. Reviews have been kind of all over the place, but for me, this game is definitely a win. I will definitely take more screenshots of the environments and post them here. I know there’s a snow level coming up! There’s no snow where I live. 😦


In other news, I got my Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward art book. It came with a minion of Relm from Final Fantasy VI. Cute, but uninteresting, so I forgot to take a screenshot. I love the art in this game.

Today in Game/Nerd News:


Microsoft has added 4 more games to their list of backwards compatible 360 games on the XBOX One:

  • Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space
  • Lego Batman
  • Alan Wake’s American Nightmare
  • Trials HD

(I’m still waiting for Skyrim.) They’re also going to be announcing them as they become ready/available. That’s cool.

There’s a new trailer for the Batman v Superman movie. I really don’t give a shit about Batman and Superman. They are two of my least favorite mainstream superheroes and this movie looks like 2 kids fighting for dominance on the playground or something. “My dick is bigger than yours! Nya, nya, nya!” HOWEVER, I am a feminist and a HUGE fan of Wonder Woman, so I’m looking forward to her. And the new Alfred. Seriously. JEREMY IRONS OMG. ❤ Totally fangirling out here…

Tonight on Twitch:

I really want to finish The Talos Principle, so I’m going to spend some time on that. I’m also planning on playing more Unravel. I’m hoping to get started around 9:30 PM PST. Come by and say hello!

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