Unravel Makes Me Feel Pretty Stupid

I sent my husband to the grocery store yesterday afternoon to pick up a container of mushrooms. He managed to pick up the one container that had moldy mushrooms. Of course. He has really weird luck when it comes to picking up groceries without me. I’ve pretty much just resigned myself to the fact that if groceries are needed, I have to be there. Period. So dinner got totally delayed and I ended up resorting to takeout. Mmm… Plate lunch with mac salad and gravy…


So I started my Twitch stream an hour late. I spent the entire two and half hours on ONE level in Unravel. I had wanted to play some Talos Principle, as well, but that just wasn’t possible. I had to get a hint from one of my viewers and when I finally figured it out, I felt pretty dumb. The solution was so obvious and easy, but I didn’t even consider it because I thought it had to be harder! Still, I had a fun time playing.

Today in Game/Nerd News:

There’s some nifty new footage of the upcoming dungeon, Maw of Souls, in World of Warcraft: Legion. I’m one of those people that played WoW almost exclusively in solo content, so I’m unfamiliar with dungeons in that game. However, after spending the last two years playing a tank in Final Fantasy XIV and dungeoning all the damned time, I’m really curious to try dungeons out in WoW when that’s released.

The Internet Archive added a bunch of Windows 3.1 games to their collection and they can be played in your browser.

TOMY is releasing a shit ton of Pokemon plushies this year. I love plushies. I want them ALL.

And last but not least…


  • Final Fantasy VI music for Sephirot/Fiend from the Warring Triad!
  • Hall of the Novice
  • Orchestrion
  • Gnath Daily Quests (I think their mount looks REALLY COOL!)
  • Calcobrena (from Final Fantasy IV) in The Antitower
  • The Lost City of Amdapor (Hard)
  • More Hildibrand!
  • A bunch of new stylish recipes for gear. There’s an Elezen female wearing a pretty top at 6:07 that I really like, although it will likely look like complete ASS on my femroe. Seriously, almost none of the sexy clothing looks good on me… 😦
  • New hairstyles, too, so it looks like my husband’s character, Severus Snape, can finally get Snape’s hair!
  • Alexander Midas, complete with Voltron boss! (Or Power Rangers if you’re not old like me.)

Tonight on Twitch:

I think some of my FC members are interested in running some unsync’d pony farms tonight, so I’ll probably be streaming that. At least one of our members plans on doing vodka shots, so if you visit my stream, be warned. Haha. Aside from that, I’ve decided that I need to start actually running my FC like an actual FC since we’ve got more than a few members now. So I’ll be working on changing permissions, setting up ranks, etc. I also need to run roulette, work on red crafting and gatherer’s scrips, and try to level up my Dragoon. I wish I didn’t have a day job and I could just do this kind of thing all day…

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