I Finished The Talos Principle!


I really enjoyed this game. It was fun, challenging, and pretty. There are 3 possible endings based on how many puzzles you complete and whether or not you decide to climb the forbidden tower. Thankfully, you only need one play-through to see all 3 endings. Thank god… I don’t think my brain can handle all that again.


The game world is divided into 4 buildings: A, B, C, and the Tower. The voice of a god-type being warns you that climbing the Tower brings death, whereas, completing the trials in his garden will bring you everlasting life. Of course, the second the voice told me not to go to the Tower, that’s exactly what I did. Wouldn’t you?

You start with only access to building A. As you complete puzzles, however, you gain sigils, which are used to unlock B and C in addition to the floors of the Tower. There’s a lot of text to read in this game, should you desire it. It IS totally skippable, but there are some interesting conversations about philosophy or silly e-mails about having  a LAN party to celebrate the end of the world…



It’s a bit hard to make out, but that floating thing is a video game controller.

And there were some nifty/fun puzzles… This one was called, “Nexus.” I wonder why…


So the 3 endings are gained as follows…

The basic ending is completing all the puzzles in A, B, and C. You don’t have to visit the Tower at all. Then you can walk through the pearly gates and are reborn in the game world from the very beginning. You retain nothing and, in theory, have to do everything again.

The second ending (and I would argue the BEST ending), is obtained by completing all of the puzzles in A, B, and C as well as climbing the Tower to floor 5. In this ending, the game world is destroyed and you are rebooted as a robot in what appears to be the real world. (That’s probably open to interpretation, though.) The coolest thing about this ending is the “boss puzzle” at the end of the last floor. It’s not a terribly difficult puzzle, but it’s timed and if you make a misstep at any point, you’re forced to start again.

The third ending is obtained by getting EVERY SINGLE SIGIL in the game (there are some that can only be obtained by unlocking all the star levels, which are their own version of Hell, I think) and then using them to access the Tower’s 6th floor, which is actually underground. In this ending, you’re entombed and are turned into a Messenger. When you play the game, once you unlock the Messengers, they can offer hints on solving a puzzle. You can only get 3 of them in a single game, so it’s best to use them wisely. What’s cool about this ending is that if you have friends on PSN who have played this game with this ending, they can appear as Messengers to help you out. So my son actually showed up in my game as a Messenger. That was pretty cool!

His gravestone even had his PSN avatar on it… LOL


I also tackled the Road to Gehenna DLC. THAT WAS FUCKING HARD. I ended up cheating a lot. In the original game, I only looked up hints a couple of times because I was totally stuck. In the Road to Gehenna puzzles, I was only able to figure out a few of them on my own. 😦 In the DLC, you’re sent to a world where a bunch of other robots are imprisoned and you have to rescue them before their world ends. The story and philosophy stuff wasn’t nearly as deep, but the puzzles were truly mind-bending.



This game really is so pretty…

My next goal is to finish Unravel. I want to play The Witness, but I think my brain needs a break right now.

Final Fantasy XIV’s 3.2 patch is releasing next week. Once that releases, I’m going to be completely addicted, I’m sure. Even now I’m still logging on every day to work on crafting, gathering, and tomestone capping.

So many games, so little time… 😉


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