Unraveling My Brain

Seriously, I’m never going to try and play more than one puzzle game at a time. Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE them, but my apparently stupid brain can only handle so much at once!


One of the reviews I read for Unravel mentioned an asshole of a gopher. I met that gopher last night. I wish I had taken a screenshot of him, but I was getting so frustrated that all I could think about was getting past that little fucker. Now, if you’ve played this far in Unravel, you’ll know that it’s really not that difficult to get past him. You just have to keep moving and jump, jump, jump! I’m really bad at fast, hand-eye coordination gameplay. If I’m persistent, I can get it eventually, but it takes me longer than other people. I’m always so impressed at how my son can adapt so quickly when he plays action-oriented games. I’m hoping that the more I play non-turn-based games, the more I can learn to be quick and adaptive, as well. I was really impressed, though, at how the game’s music changes and the camera moves to give you a sense of danger and urgency that the majority of the game doesn’t have. It was unsettling and probably added to my frustration.

My current goal is to tackle at least one level a day. According to the internet, there are 12 levels in this game, so I’m almost halfway done and should have the game beaten by the time Final Fantasy XIV’s 3.2 patch releases next week. Since I’m not a Trophy/Achievement whore, I’m not planning on going back and trying to figure out all the secrets. I’m just enjoying the aesthetics.

Today in Game/Nerd News:

Bethesda detailed a bunch of DLC they’ve got planned in the coming months for Fallout 4. According to them, this is just the beginning. There will be more DLC throughout 2016. Because of this, they also said that they’re going to be raising the price of the Season Pass from $29.99 to $49.99 on March 1, 2016. Looks like I’d better pick up my Season Pass before then!

There is rumor that Playstation VR will be releasing this fall. So far there’s no word on an official release date, but I’m hoping that this rumor will prompt Sony to make an official announcement. I’m not holding my breath, though. Game companies seem to enjoy toying with their fans. I also really hope I’ll be able to play with this contraption without getting sick…

Tonight on Twitch:


More Unravel. My next level involves train tracks! I love trains. We don’t really have them in Hawaii. There IS still one left that operates as a tourist attraction on Sundays. It’s part of a line that used to haul sugar cane from the fields into Honolulu. If you ride it today, you can see the golf courses out in Ko’olina and see resorts like the Aulani Disney Resort. My husband and I are hoping to move to the mainland in 4 years, give or take. One of the reasons: TRAINS. Seriously.

If my friend decides to log into Final Fantasy XIV to catch up on content, I may switch over to that to help him out, as well.

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