No Screenshots :(

So it seems that whenever I’m concentrating really hard, I completely forget to take screenshots. 😦 I got through TWO levels in Unravel last night and I don’t have a single picture to show for it! I think I got about halfway through a 3rd level, but I got stuck and decided to go back to it later with a fresh pair of eyes. We’ll see if that helps tonight…

Work has been really stressing me out, so I’ve been debating between playing Unravel with its beautiful scenery and relaxing music and playing Bloodborne with all the hacking and slashing. Both are difficult for me in their own way. Bloodborne has the added benefit of that feeling of violence, but it’s an even less forgiving game than Unravel. So I’m going to stick to Unravel for now. I want to finish it before the new content patch for Final Fantasy XIV releases, anyway.

Pillars of Eternity is on sale AGAIN… On both Steam and GOG. I really should just buy that game and add it to my backlog of shame… Hmm. I should make a page/post with my backlog. Then I can cross things off as I complete them. I think I’ll work on that this weekend.

Normally, I would post links from gaming/nerd news of today, but there’s nothing that’s inspiring me. Seriously. Someone is making a comedy called “Future Man” about a socially inept gamer who is chosen to save the world because of his gaming skills. It should come as no surprise that Seth Rogen is involved. (Sorry, not a fan.) If you want more info, Google it yourself. LOL

There are some very useful tips in this video for those of us that spend a ridiculous amount of time playing games in front of a computer.

So I’ll be playing more Unravel tonight on Twitch. Let’s hope that I can get past the spot I got stuck at last night…

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