Generational Differences?

I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting closer to menopause or what, but in the past year or so, sometimes hormones just kick my ass. Headaches and just feeling like absolute crap take me down for the count sometimes. It’s not every month, thank goodness, but man it’s annoying. Can you imagine feeling so crappy that you don’t even have the energy to play games?!?! What the fuck is THAT? Pure evil, I tell you… I’m not using those biological systems for reproduction anymore. Why can’t I just flip a switch and turn them off?



This is the first boss of The Antitower, one of the two new dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 3.2. He/she/it(?) turns people into frogs periodically during the fight and certain attacks have musical note animations. Somehow I felt compelled to start singing “The Rainbow Connection.” Kudos to you if you’re familiar with that song. It was released in 1979 as the theme song for the first Muppet Movie, I believe. It’s a really great song, you know. It reminds us to keep dreaming. We can always use that advice. My favorite line is probably, “…we know that it’s probably magic.” Probably? Bah! It’s DEFINITELY magic.

(PS – I’m actually one of those crazy science people. I just like viewing everything as magic because it adds a sense of wonder to everything. You should try it. The resulting state of mind is pretty awesome!)


I really like The Antitower. We’re walking along the ceiling. The chandelier is upside down. It’s just a nifty place. I know people are annoyed that you can’t rush through it, but I’m not bothered by that at all. I’m a definitely a マイペース(my pace) kinda person when it comes to dungeons.


This is me turned into a creepy doll during the last boss fight, Calcabrena. What a great Final Fantasy IV tribute! IV is my second or third favorite Final Fantasy game. Oh! I forgot to take a picture of my Spoony Bard minion. I’ll try to remember to do that tonight.

Oh! I made a Twitch Schedule page that I will try to keep up to date every week!

Now onto the topic of today’s post…

If you look at the statistics from the ESA and video game player demographics, I’m right around the average when it comes to females playing video games. However, as much as I love to use the ESA’s numbers to show people that I’m average and NOT unusual, I don’t believe that the ESA’s data is actually representative of middle aged female gamers. I’m pretty sure their data includes casual cellphone gaming, which is going to skew the average age. Now I’m not saying that women in their 40’s who play games are as rare as they used to be, but most women in their 40’s who ARE playing games probably AREN’T playing “core” games or MMORPG’s.

In my group of friends that play Final Fantasy XIV with me, almost every single one is under 30. My good friend and my husband are both in their mid-50’s while I’m in my early 40’s. Pretty much everyone else is around 22-28, give or take a couple of years.

All in all, I find this to be a fun experience. Surrounding ourselves with young people keeps us young, after all! But sometimes it presents challenges. I’ve already blogged about hanging out in Teamspeak with a large group of younger people and how disorienting and confusing that can be.

Today’s younger generations have grown up with text messaging, e-mail, and instant messaging, so their modes of communication have changed and adapted to those forms of communication. Older generations, on the other hand, still tend to communicate using the same rules from decades ago even if we use the new technology.

Here’s an example of what I mean. By today’s standards, text messages don’t really require responses unless they’re questions. And you sure as hell don’t have to sign off and say goodbye! But when I’m having a texting conversation with someone else, there is almost always a point where I’ll say, “Ok. I’ll ttyl! Nite!” To me, just ending communication without saying goodbye just FEELS rude, even if it’s totally okay. I’m trying to teach myself to be more brusque and I’m having a small level of success with that, but it still feels wrong. Old habits die hard, I suppose, but to me, this is simply COMMON COURTESY. Younger people don’t view it the same way.

In Final Fantasy XIV, it is possible to belong to a number of Linkshells or chat channels. When I enter my primary chat channel by logging into the game, I say hello. (I tend to forget to say hello in the other channels, though.) When I log out, I say, “Good night!” Just as walking into a real room with real people requires the common courtesy of saying hello, TO ME so does entering a chat room. So when people don’t say hello or goodbye, I get really annoyed. Granted, I almost always forget to say hello in all my other chat channels, as well, so I’m just as guilty of doing it as everyone else.

The other thing that drives me batshit crazy is when I ask a question in the linkshell and I get maybe one or two responses when there are around 12-15 people in there. To me, it’s rude as fuck when someone asks you a question and you say nothing. I understand that chat channels work differently than actual in-person conversations, but I have a really hard time parsing that. I behave like a polite, decent human being in person and online. To me there should be no difference. Both situations are representations of me and my actual behavior.

I KNOW FULL WELL that I’m just being old fashioned and cranky, but it irritates me enough that I’ll mutter to myself or to my husband that I want to kick everyone out of my linkshell. Of course, I’d never actually DO that because I objectively understand what’s going on, but DAMN IT, IT’S FRUSTRATING! This behavior from others goes against everything I was taught about being a decent human being! I don’t want to be that get-off-my-lawn lady, honest! But sometimes I wish people still treated each other the way we used to before the internet made us lazy.

My son obliges me in my greetings and sign-offs in text messages. I’m so glad he understands me. He and I have gotten into fights about communication because of technology and stuff. It took us some time to work out a good system that makes us both happy. Different generations value different things. Compromise is important.

But enough of that… Here’s a lovely picture of the sexy Thancred…


Tonight on Twitch:

FFXIV is going down at 8 PM Hawaiian Standard Time tonight, so I’ll be streaming that until the server goes down. Then my plan is to stream some Master of Orion. I haven’t started that yet. Should be fun! Come by and say hi!

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