A Quick Update

I’ve been quiet for the last week or so because of real life. My husband had to get cataract surgery, so my time and energy has been rerouted from games to family. 🙂 It went well and his eye is healing, so my time is my own again until the other eye next month!

I picked up the “Traveler’s Package” for Black Desert Online last night. I’m hoping to stream that either tonight or tomorrow night.

Most of my gaming has been in Final Fantasy XIV lately since I’m still trying to tackle all the new content. I finally remembered to take a screenshot of my Spoony Bard minion!


There was a Little Ladies Day event, so we took a few screenshots of the ladies of Ethos with my husband. Looks like he has a little mini harem. LOL


I’ve also been working on crafting so I can get all the Master IV recipe books. I really like crafting out in the middle of the Sagolii Desert. I’m such a weirdo.


I also picked up the Early Access Collector’s Edition version of the new Master of Orion. Somehow even though I’m not a big strategy game fan (I hate them), I couldn’t stop playing. I kept telling myself, “Just one more turn.” Yeah… I had no idea what I was doing, to be honest. I was just pressing buttons and doing things in order to understand how the game works, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to lose. But the more I experimented, the more I learned, so when I try again, I should have a better idea of how to strategize.


I could spend money and resources on learning all kinds of abilities. It was really overwhelming. This chart scrolled pretty far right. This is just one snapshot.


I chose to auto-battle when my ships encountered other ships. RNG FTW!


I liked researching stuff more than I liked weaponizing my fleet. But I have no idea how you’d win without blowing everyone else up. I’ll have to figure that out. Diplomacy, I guess?


Gaming News:


The big story is the decision to halt development on Fable Legends and shut down Lionhead Studios. I’m pretty bummed out about this. I have been in the closed beta for Fable Legends for quite a long time and really enjoyed that game. It had a REALLY strict NDA, though, so it was hard to hype people on it. They had implemented a cash shop EVEN THOUGH it was still in a tightly closed beta, so if they were using that to gauge whether or not people would be willing to spend money on gold, I think they weren’t thinking very clearly. Why would I spend real money if I can’t even get my friends to play with me? Or at least SHOW them what the game was all about? Yeah. Kinda stupid. Oh well. More time to play other games now.

Anyway, tonight on Twitch, I’m either going to be trying to tackle Alexander Midas Normal in FFXIV or starting a brand new character in Black Desert Online. Depends on whether my guild mates are online and all that good stuff. Come by and say hi!

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