Derpy Leveling

You ever have one of those days when you just keep making dumb mistakes? That seems to be the kind of day we were having last night while I was trying to make the last push to level 60 on Dragoon. I had to appreciate the fact that our tank didn’t just bail on us, quite frankly. We wiped on the last boss of The Great Gubal Library something like FIVE TIMES! I’m going to blame the fact that my husband and I have VERY LITTLE experience in that dungeon. Honestly, we’ve probably only done that dungeon 3 or 4 times ever. I guess we just need to practice… XD

Today is my younger sister’s 40th birthday. I have to admit, this makes me feel a little old. My baby sister is still in her 30’s, though, so I’m safe for a few more years! Haha! Speaking of old… My friend was telling my son about a possible job opportunity in Japan and when he learned that he was graduating from college THIS May, he replied, “Shit, no wonder I get more white hair.” I had to laugh at that.

Today in Game/Nerd News:

Polygon has a really interesting piece about the development of the Playstation VR. I’m really excited about VR, although I’m concerned about motion sickness. If you’ve seen me play certain games, you know that I often have to move my body around a LOT to compensate for certain types of camera movements. It’s nice to have confirmation that Sony is definitely trying to get VR to the general public instead of the hardcore PC gamers. I think this will serve as a gateway or stepping stone for the average person to look into hardware like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. The super high tech VR is going to be awesome, but not very accessible. By making it easier to get started, the industry will definitely grow. I’m excited!

Amazon Japan is shipping games outside of Japan now. My initial reaction to this was, “OH SHIT.” Bye-bye, money… Realistically, though, this probably won’t affect my import spending THAT much. Unlike 10 years ago, if you’re patient, most Japanese games get a Western release. However, games like Kamen Rider Battride War Genesis or anything Ultraman never come out here, so this will be very useful for stuff like that!

Researchers are trying to teach robots how to learn. When I was still interested in studying computer science, this is the kind of stuff I was really fascinated with: artificial intelligence, neural networks, robotics, etc. I sometimes wish I had stuck to studying STEM, but oh well, I enjoy accounting, too! Maybe one day I’ll go back to school and study STEM. It’s never too late!


Tonight on Twitch:

Barring any weird technical difficulties from streaming a Japanese PS4 game (I’ve never streamed a non-NA game), my plan is to stream the new Kamen Rider game: 仮面ライダーバトライド・ウォー創生 (Kamen Rider Battride War Genesis). It’s a Dynasty Warriors style game with ALL the different Kamen Riders from the last 45 years. I just love the action and the theme songs from the Kamen Rider series. (So of course, we bought the Memorial Sound Version that gives us all the songs.) I also really like the idea that in many cases, anyone can become a Rider. You just need the special item. You don’t necessarily need to have innate super powers. I like any superhero story that encourages an average human to do great things. We could all use more of that!

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