Well That Was Disappointing

It looks like I’m going to have to buy a capture device if I want to stream some of my games. The Playstation Twitch app blocked my Kamen Rider game. Even though I was technically streaming it, there was no audio or video of the game. All you could hear was my voice. Yeah, forget that. Apparently, Tales of Zestiria does the same thing. Honestly, I don’t really LIKE the streaming apps on Playstation and XBOX, so a capture device has been on my wishlist for awhile now… Yay, motivation! šŸ˜›

So since Final Fantasy XIV was undergoing maintenance, I decided to try out Black Desert Online. I’ve played a lot of Asian free-to-play and buy-to-play MMO’s, but this one just felt so janky and unpolished. There were times that so much crap popped up in my UI at once that I couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to do or I was unable to read the text. Pathing was weird; collision was weird. F2P games are usually more polished and this game cost $30! Crazy. I know people are all excited about the character creation system, but so far that’s probably its only selling point. I will definitely play more since it feels as though I’m still in the tutorial areas and I want to give it a decent chance. I’ll try to remember to take screenshots, too.

Today in Game/Nerd News:

The demo for Bravely Second:End Layer is available in the Nintendo 3DS eShop. You can get bonuses in the full version of the game if you complete certain objectives in the demo.

This trailer is a lot better than the first one, but I’m still apprehensive about how they handle this story line. The Civil War lasted a VERY LONG time in the comics. Cramming it into a single movie just seems…unwise. While this trailer does a better job at explaining what’s going on, it still feels like there’s a good side and a bad side. This war isn’t that simple, although I would argue that the systemic oppression of any group of people that isn’t the majority is certainly bad. And yes, mutant/hero registration would be systemic oppression. (Obviously, I side with Cap on this one.)

I want a Planet Hulk or World War Hulk movie…

Tonight on Twitch:

I guess I’ll just be streaming Final Fantasy XIV tonight. I was going to stream Bloodborne, too, but I’m too pissed off at my Playstation right now. Haha! XD

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