New Mom Cave & Moogle House!


So remember when I said I was rearranging things? I’m done! I now have everything within arm’s reach and I can more easily stream everything I want. It’s like I have my own little command center or something. I’m so lucky my husband let me take the TV and the consoles from the living room. He really indulges me. ❤ Luckiest woman alive. Seriously.


After months of work leveling and gearing up, we finally completed our moogle house. I am so happy. There are only three active crafters in our Free Company: my husband, my friend, and myself. When we started working on this, none of us had a single craft at level 60, let alone 60 with gear high enough to even make some of the ingredients. So over the past few months we’ve been plodding our way, leveling up, gearing up, learning rotations, etc. So worth it.


Here we are in front of our house, basking in satisfaction! Now we’re working on making better parts for our three airships… Need to unlock Sector 24 and get that Zu mount!

It was a weekend of accomplishments. A bunch of us finally got our Bismark Extreme clears. Having better gear certainly helped. And we got The Echo (10% stat increase). My Twitch viewers were cheering us on, so even when I was getting frustrated from dying over and over again, I kept going.

My other big accomplishment over the weekend was clearing A7 Normal or Alexander Midas: The Arm of the Son on Normal difficulty. Yes, I realize this content is considered “easy” and yes, I know I’m late to the party, but I HAD FUN. 😀 One of my biggest frustrations with being an older gamer is that sometimes I learn things more slowly than younger players. Not all of this is because of age. Some of it is because up until the last few years, ALL my gaming experience was slow paced or menu-based battles. Virtual dice rolls were responsible for determining whether or not I got hit by an attack and NOT my ability to run out of ground telegraphs in time.

Of our group of 8, five of us were from my Free Company. Knowing that we tend to need extra time to learn things, we chose to recruit members using the Party Finder instead of having the game randomly assign players to our group. We explained that we were learning and that wipes would happen so people knew what they were getting into by joining our party. I have to say that I love my server. (I’m on Cactuar, also known as Bestuar.) Every time we’ve recruited people to help us learn content, they have been amazingly helpful, patient, and just awesome.

It took us about two and half hours of trying over and over to finally get it. We had to replace our last dps twice. Once because they had to go and once because they disconnected. I was also streaming our adventures on Twitch and having a little cheering section there was great, too! I don’t have a lot of viewers, but the ones I have are so supportive.


I’m pretty sure this guy’s green subligar was our good luck charm. (My husband took this shot of all the women in our party surrounding the naked Hyur.) After he joined, we cleared real quick! Never underestimate the power of a near naked man to motivate me! LOL I’m so bad.

Today in Game/Nerd News:

Microsoft has a new “cross network” initiative which will allow XBOX players to be able to play with other consoles. Of course, the game has to support it, but this is big news. Honestly, it doesn’t affect ME too much since I always have all the consoles, but for people who only have one console in their house (instead of 5!), this could make multiplayer an even better experience. To be completely honest, I often wish that all games were available on all platforms. I’m getting sick of having so many little machines. When I was moving all my consoles to another part of the house this weekend, I had cables and whatnot coming out of my ears!

There’s an English name and release window for Project Setsuna. It’s called I Am Setsuna and it is scheduled for digital release on PS4 and PC in the summer. I’m quite disappointed that it’s not releasing on the Vita here, though. I love my Vita as a JRPG machine. Oh well. By playing it on the PS4, I’ll be able to stream it on Twitch, so that’s good. Chrono Trigger is one of my favorite games of ALL TIME, so anything inspired by that has GOT to be good. And while people like to hate on Square Enix, I feel that lately they’re getting back in touch with their consumers and making GOOD GAMES. So I’m really looking forward to this.

Holy shit! Yes, please. I never played the original, but this looks REALLY COOL!

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ve probably heard about the fight between Apple and the FBI. John Oliver does a fantastic job of explaining why you and everyone else should care about this.

Tonight on Twitch:

I’m hoping to actually work on some game backlog tonight with Fallout 4. Since the DLC is releasing next week, I feel like I should get on this. However, I’ve got stuff I need/want to do in Final Fantasy XIV, so I’ll be working on that first. Since Daylight Savings Time started, the non-Hawaii members of my Free Company are now an extra hour ahead of me, so if I want to be able to group up and get shit done with them on the weekdays, I need to log on as early as possible. So my plan is to play FFXIV for a couple of hours, take a dinner break, and then play Fallour 4 for a couple of hours. If I’m not falling asleep, I may log back onto FFXIV and stream the Hatching-tide event. We’ll see… That might have to wait until tomorrow.

Have I mentioned that I HATE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME? Why do we still even DO that?! Ugh. Coordinating with my FC is harder! Chatting with my son is harder! QQ

Anyway… Come by and say hi! 🙂

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