Sundrop Dance! Playstation VR!

I am now Sworn with the Vanu Vanu beastmen! 🙂 I bought my second minion and the Sanuwa mount, but I forgot to take pictures. I keep forgetting to take pictures of stuff. I must be getting old… Haha, nah…


I DID take take pictures of the Sundrop Dance-Off cutscene, though! My dancing inspires my allies and strikes fear into the hearts of my enemies! I loved this. The quest was called “Nest Side Story.” 😉


We tried A8 Normal, but didn’t get a clear. We had to use the game to randomly assign two players to our party. That worked out kinda badly at one point. A boyfriend/girlfriend pair of DPS joined us and the girlfriend was really rude, so we kicked her. We found out the other DPS was her boyfriend after that. I felt kinda bad, but she was a bitch. He was nice, but of course after that he left, too. A couple of my Twitch viewers tried to queue in progress to help us out, but they didn’t get into our party. We waited for a long time to get replacement DPS. That was annoying since there were TWO PEOPLE specifically trying to get into my group! Square Enix really needs to have cross-server grouping. It doesn’t have to be cross-data center. I mean, the Duty Finder already assigns random people from your same data center to your party, so there’s GOT to be a way to make friends with people from those servers and play with them. We’re hoping to try again tonight.

Today in Game/Nerd News:

This is a great video released by Square Enix about the development process of flying mounts in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. They talk about fat chocobo. It’s funny. 😀

The Playstation VR is releasing in October and will cost $399. I’m happy we have a price now! Also, it’s good that it’s in October. I’ll have more time to save up for it! Hahaha! People are getting their panties in a twist about the fact that it requires the Playstation Camera. Their event specifically said that the camera works with the lights on the VR device to track movement. Also, the camera retails for $60 and is almost always on sale somewhere. If you’re looking for a gateway into VR gaming, the price of the system, the VR device, and the camera are right around the price of the Vive WITHOUT having to buy a $1000+ computer to run it. Not to mention, the PS VR will work with the PS4. Period. They’re designed to work together. My son has a really nice gaming computer and he often sends me text messages that the Rift is “a finicky little bitch” because it just doesn’t want to work right sometimes. The VR experience that Sony is selling is not the same as the one that Valve and Oculus are selling and that’s okay! I really think Sony has a chance to get VR into the mainstream. Then people will WANT to buy more expensive computers and Rifts/Vives to connect to them.

Aside from that, it’s a pretty slow news day. Apparently there’s going to be a new Indiana Jones movie and Harrison Ford is going to be in it.

Polygon’s got a piece about (supposedly) why I Am Setsuna isn’t getting a Vita release in the West. I call bullshit, quite frankly. This kind of game is NOT designed for large screens. It’s a homage to 90’s JRPG’s for fuck’s sake. /sigh Oh well. I’ll still play it.

I want to go to this Pokemon Center in Kyoto. I’ve been to one of the Tokyo ones. Pokemon Centers are pretty amazing. SO. MUCH. CUTE. EVERYWHERE.

Tonight on Twitch:

The plan is to do roulettes, beastman dailies, and clear A8 Normal. Then I’m hoping to switch to Bloodborne after I take a break for dinner, assuming it’s not super late… Come by and say hi! 🙂

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