Playstation VR Bundle


Sony has announced a Playstation VR bundle that will be available for preorder on March 22, 2016. It includes the PSVR, two Move Controllers, the Playstation Camera, and a copy of Playstation VR Worlds. From what I’ve seen on various gaming news websites, only the bundle will be available for preorder. You can’t preorder the standalone device. At least, not yet. I’m guessing they’ll make that available later. If I didn’t already own a camera, I’d definitely preorder. I’m wondering if I should trade in my current camera for $15 of credit and preorder anyway. I don’t own any Move Controllers. Hmm. I’m going to have to think about this… And what if my local Gamestop sells out of preorders before I can get to the store? Gah.

In other VR news, here’s some nifty footage of the Sword Art Online tech demo thing that IBM is doing in Japan this weekend. Pretty neat. 🙂 I would love to experience this.


We tried clearing A8 Normal again last night. Still didn’t succeed, but our attempts are getting smoother. Our problem now is the dps check during the last phase of the fight. We’ll get it. I believe!


I played a bunch more Kamen Rider Battride War Genesis and unlocked a whole slew of riders. My favorite to play right now is Gaim. His forms are fruits. His pineapple form is the most fun to play with a big pineapple on the end of a chain that he swings around and hits enemies with. Yeah, it’s completely ridiculous.

Speaking of Kamen Rider, this new Kamen Rider Amazons series coming to Amazon Prime Japan looks pretty sweet. Definitely more violent than the fun ones that are popular today. The original Kamen Rider Amazon is from 1974. He’s like a piranha and he bites his enemies or something. Creepy. This looks pretty creepy, too. 🙂


I’ve also been plodding away at The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky on my PS Vita. I just started chapter 3. I can definitely see why it’s considered to be one of the best JRPG’s in the last decade. The more I play, the more I want to play. Unfortunately, I only play handheld games when I’m lying in bed before going to sleep or on my lunch break if I have time after writing my daily blog post. While the main character, Estelle, irritates the shit out of me, I’ve read more than once that part of the charm of this game is that she grows up somewhat during the course of the game. That is absolutely true. She still irritates me, but I’ve stopped wanting to hurl my Vita across the room because of her stupidity.

I have to remember that she’s only 16. I tend to put myself somewhat in the characters I play when I’m playing games, regardless of the type of game and 16 was a long time ago for me! But if I think back, I was definitely WAY worse than she is at that age. At least she has a goal and a purpose. When I was 16, I dropped out of my elite private school because I felt that the school was limiting and protecting me without teaching me about the outside world. I was angry, rebellious, and convinced that I didn’t need an education. I’m smarter than most people anyway! I can get a job and be awesome without that fucking school! Yeah, you can imagine how that went… XD

However, in my defense, I did what I felt passionately about, much like Estelle in this game. How many people can say that? Sure, that choice may have made certain things difficult, but I am who I am today because of the choices I made and I think I’m a pretty okay lady. And boy do I have some stories! We all grow and learn at different rates. I grew up eventually. Estelle will, too, I’m quite certain.


I can’t help but love this. I’m reminded that I’m COMPLETELY behind on Japanese pop and rock music. I haven’t watched Music Station or CDTV in MONTHS. I have no idea what’s popular in Japan right now and that’s BAD. Need more hours in the day…


I still play World of Warcraft once in awhile. Basically, whenever a new expansion comes out, I buy it and tackle the solo content and hit whatever the new level cap is. I currently have a level 100 Undead Warlock. I’ll be playing her again when Legion releases later this year. I love the lore. For the Horde!

Tonight on Twitch:

I’ll be working on Final Fantasy XIV and trying to unlock more riders in Kamen Rider. I should be starting around 8:00 PM Hawaii time. Hope to see you there!

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