It’s Going to be a Slow Week

My sister is in town for a week, so I’m going to be gaming and streaming a lot less than usual. I have two sisters and I generally only see them once every couple of years and only one at a time. The last time I actually saw both of them at the SAME TIME was in 2012. Since I have a day job, the only time I’m going to be able to spend with her is the evening and weekends. In other words, during my stream times. I should be back to streaming every day once she leaves, though. And hopefully, I’ll have a better plan for making sure I get everything done in FFXIV while also chipping away at my backlog list. This light streaming schedule will give me a chance to strategize. 😉

I updated my Video Game Release calendar and embedded it on my blog. As I mention on the calendar page, this is something I do and maintain for myself because I have yet to find a calendar on the internet that has everything I want on it. I may miss things that I don’t care about. Or I may miss news about release date changes. I do my best to keep it up to date, but I don’t work in the video games industry, so I have to rely on my obsession to keep on top of things! Haha! For example, when I was watching the latest Nintendo Direct, I had the calendar open on another screen and was adding dates as they announced them during the broadcast.

I finally tried out a Japanese restaurant called Aki-No-No. They’ve been around for a LONG time and I’ve been meaning to try it for YEARS. My husband and I decided to take a walk on Friday evening and found ourselves a mile and a half away from home, in front of this restaurant. Perfect opportunity! 😀 So glad we did. It’s a sushi restaurant and izakaya run by the parents of Japanese pop star, Yuna Ito. The food was super yummy and I got to eat my number one comfort food: ochazuke. I don’t call it ochazuke, though. I call it Chacha Rice. That’s what my grandma always called it. Dinner at my late grandparents’ house was always a multi-course meal, izakaya style, but without the booze. (Well, my adult relatives had the booze…) My happiest childhood memories can generally be categorized into two things. Disneyland or Grandma’s House. Eating several bowls of chacha rice, always having the sashimi plate next to me because it was my favorite, chocolate ice cream in these funky glass retro bowls… (I’m still convinced that ice cream tastes better in those bowls than in any other serving dish.) The ochazuke at Aki-No-No was more complex and involved than my chacha rice, but it made me feel so warm and fuzzy on the inside. ❤


As for the other food, my husband had katsu curry rice and we shared maguro natto, miso veggies, and menchi katsu.

Today in Game/Nerd News:

Microsoft added Assassin’s Creed, Dark Void, and Grid 2 to their XBOX One backward compatibility list. Still waiting for Skyrim…

Sega continues to piss me the fuck off by not bringing Phantasy Star Online 2 to the West. Now they’re doing a PSO2 x FFXIV Crossover. If they bring PSO2 into FFXIV for an event, I’m gonna be even MORE pissed off at Sega than I already am. Ugh. I want PSO2 SO BAD.

Another video for DOOM multiplayer, this time showing off the six different modes. This looks like fun, but it also looks really nausea-inducing.

Speaking of nausea-inducing… This looks like Marble Madness in VR. I want to play it because I LOVED Marble Madness. I was really bad at it, though…

This video introduces us to one of the characters from Overwatch. It looks like this is the first in a series. This is definitely not my kind of game, but it looks fun and I can’t wait to play it. Blizzard is known for making games accessible to the average player, after all.

Holy shit. Yes, please. This looks so cool!

Tonight on Twitch:

It’s going to be a short stream because I’m going to pick up my sister from the airport tonight. I’ll be playing Final Fantasy XIV and doing roulettes, beastman dailies, and possibly the Hatching-tide (Easter) event. Looks like I’m going to go another week without capping Lore, but oh well. The game’s not going anywhere. Come by and say hi!

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